Rhino CB24-MOD - 24 Lines Modular Channel Bank with Data


The Rhino CB24 modular Channel Bank acts as a T1 multiplexer (mux) that converts 24 digital channels to 24 analog lines – FXO, FXS or both. You can choose what combination of them you like, depending on if you need extensions or to connect POTs lines, by simply populating the Channel Bank with the appropriate modules. You can also keep some slots for modules free if you plan to expand the number of lines in the future. The Channel Bank can be connected to the PBX system by using a single port of a digital PCI telephony card, thus enabling the connection of a big number of lines to the system.


Thanks to the “Auto Config” feature of the Rhino Equipment Channel Bank you can save much time on the installation. Actually, you don’t even need to learn programming or how to use specific software. Our Channel Bank knows how to install itself. All you need to do is plug it in, and “Auto Config” does the rest. And that’s not all: the Rhino CB24 modular Channel Bank supports data as well, and is configurable channel by channel.


Our Channel Banks use the latest digital technology and are fully embedded. This makes minimum the risk of a component getting damaged and assures the good functionality of the product. Our warranty stands as a proof of that. We offer the best one on the market: 5-year, limited warranty.

We offer as “standard” what others can’t offer at all

Yes, that’s right. Besides having the unique “Auto Config” feature, our Channel Banks support most of the common start protocols (Immediate, Wink, Loop, Ground, DID) as well as D4 or ESF and AMI or B8ZS. This means that the Rhino CB24 modular Channel Bank can be installed in almost all situations, including dynamic data channels. And now, the new Channel Banks support Neon Bulb Message Waiting Indicators, which makes them perfect for upgrading hotel lines with Asterisk technology.

We also offer for free a fractional V.35 data port on each system, a port that can be used for the IP router connection.

And perhaps the most important of all: as all of our products, our Channel Banks come with free lifetime support, so that whatever problem you may experience with the device, our support team will handle it in no-time.

For further details and information, please contact our technical team!

Standard Features

  • Asterisk soft PBX tested and ready!
  • 4x40 LCD real-time status display shows independent AB bit signaling
  • Automatic T1 configuration using artificial intelligence software, no configuration switches
  • CSU auto detects T1modes: D4 or ESF, AMI or B8ZS
  • T1 CSU via RJ48C, with line buildout programmability
  • Internal power supply module, no external components
  • FLASH based system configuration
  • V.35 fractional data interface, user selectable to 56K or 64K
  • Self diagnostics, verbose error reporting, loopback modes
  • Single channel configuration, each channel may have a different analog start mode, signaling protocol, line current, or gain
  • Telco network uptime and downtime T1 history
  • Remote connection via RS-232c or Ethernet (optional) via Windows based graphical user interface
  • Field software upgradable
  • 19", 23" or wall mounting kit standard
  • 7 ft T1 and T1 crossover cable (for Asterisk installs), 25 pair analog cable and a 110 or 220 power cable included.
  • Immediate, Wink, Loop, Ground, RevPol, and three DID start protocols
  • Distinctive ring in Loop start mode
  • Caller ID enabled in Loop start mode
  • Low cost fully populated FXS, fully populated FXO, or modular FXS/FXO mixed mode capable
  • 110V AC, 220V AC and -48V DC modular power supply models
  • 5-year limited warranty

FXO/FXS Features

The Rhino modular channel bank model allows for installation of either a 4-channel FXS or FXO analog daughter card. If the four slots are to be used as data, there is no need to install an analog card. (Click here to see one of the modular cards)


All Rhino channel banks feature a single CSU that is software controlled, software programmable and will self configure to the proper mode right out of the box.

Analog Interfaces

The Rhino channel bank provides either FXS or FXO analog interfaces, both with digital technology that utilizes a dedicated Digital Signal Processor (DSP) for monitoring real-time line characteristics.

FXO/FXS Mechanical Data

  • CB24-MOD-UNIV - 4-24 analog Channel FXO/FXS, modular chassis 110VAC, 220VAC, -48VDC
  • The modular Rhino channel bank can be ordered with four to 24 channels of either FXS or FXO analog channels installed in increments of four channels up to six modules.
  • All Rhino channel banks come in 110VAC, 220VAC or -48V DC models. The internal power supply module can be easily swapped.
  • Power Consumption: Maximum power consumption (under full load) will not exceed 100W.
  • Size: 8.9 cm (3.5") (2U) tall, 43.2 cm (17") wide and 21.6 cm (8.5") deep
  • Weight: 5.45 kilograms (12 pounds)

Where to Buy

America - Buy Rhino Products from 8774e4voip.com - In-stock with Free Expert Support! Shop Online or Call 877.434.8647
America - Rhino CB24-MOD at Telephony Depot: A premier retailer in the VoIP industry's online marketplace.
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