Rhino Dual FXS Module for R8FXX-EC and R24FXX-EC Modular Cards


The Rhino Dual FXS module plugs into the R8FXX and R24FXX base cards and provides two telephone line extensions with integrated on-board battery and ringing. It offers the Infineon 3268 single chip solution for fully functional extension generation.

This module, as well as all the other Rhino products, is rock solid. Our warranty proves it: we offer the best one on the market, the Rhino 5-year limited warranty. And don’t forget that by purchasing this product you are entitled to the only lifetime support on the market. This means that whatever problem you might be experiencing with your Rhino product our technical team is here to help you in no time.

In the rare case of a damaged module, you can replace it with a good one without having to throw away the entire board. This will save you money and valuable time, because the card can continue to host your voice applications on the other modules, temporarily losing just two channels instead of all channels.

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