Rhino Quad FXS for Modular Channel Banks


The Rhino FXS quad analog interface provides standard battery and ringing voltages to 4 loop or ground start analog channels, normally internal phones or extensions. This module installs into our modular channel bank to increase the FXS channel count. Up to a total of six modules (FXS or FXO) can be installed into one modular channel bank.

Each FXS channel provides:

  • Digital DSP
  • Line current limit from 18ma to 45mA
  • Tx and Rx gain control of -5db to +6db
  • Power down control from 1 to 3 secs.
  • Ring cadence control
  • Silicon Labs 3220 and 3200 combination

Where to Buy

See the Rhino Equipment Corp wiki page or visit: Our Website

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