Rhino Releases New Generation Analog Telephony Cards with On-board Echo Cancellation

Rhino Equipment is proud to announce the addition of on-board Echo Cancellation capability on all of its analog PCI telephony cards. This hardware solution was designed together with Texas Instruments and Adaptive Digital Technologies to increase the quality of your phone conversations, while still keeping the robustness of the products.

We have also created an Echo cancellation module which is compatible with our digital cards, that simply extends the capability of all Rhino digital cards to be echo free.

Don't forget that in addition to on-board Echo Cancellation all of Rhino's analog PCI cards come with a control element that significantly reduces PCI and CPU overhead. This control element removes all the “bit banging” on the PCI bus, taking care of the overhead problem. This control element is something that is found only on the Rhino products.

Echo Cancellation Specs

  • On-board - no module for analog cards
  • Adaptive Digital Technologies G.168 Echo Canceller is a carrier- class, ITU G.168 compliant line echo canceller, which meets and exceeds G.168-2002
  • Cancels up to 128msec tail
  • Non-linear processor
  • Comfort Noise Generator
  • Automatic tail search
  • Excellent voice quality
  • Cancels multiple independent tails
  • Fast Convergence
  • No divergence due to doubletalk
  • Tone Disabler disables echo canceller during voiceband modem and FAX connections

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