Richmedium, Inc. was formed in December 2003 as a consulting firm, specializing in custom application development, network security and e-commerce. Among the clients are American Express, Sun-Sentinel, Tribune, Equala Communications Group, Advanced Information Systems, BroadbandOne, KRS Global Biotechnology and Credit Guard of America.

In May 2004 the growing demand for quality Voice-over-IP solutions opened an excellent business opportunity that motivated the decision to shift the company’s primary strategy towards penetrating the Voice-over-IP (VoIP) market. Currently, the company provides consulting, management, administration, development and support for VoIP networks as well as Voice Carrier services.

As of today Richmedium provides VoIP services for direct to business, consumer and reseller initiatives. Richmedium’s client base includes small businesses, hotels, call centers, ISP's, hosting providers, telecommunications companies, telephone system integrators and multiple non-profit organizations.

The company operates a large diverse national network delivered to its customers utilizing Internet as well a vast number of last-mile options. Our equipment is located on a multi-homed network with multiple points of presence (POPs). The location of our equipment was carefully chosen with the consideration of many variables, such as reliability, peering availability and quality access from various points of the continental US as well as Europe and South America. Currently Richmedium has POPs in Boca Raton, FL, McLean, VA, Washington, DC and Frisco, TX. Further, through a partnership with our backbone provider we maintain points-of-presence in various cities, including Miami at the NAP of the Americas, and Miami Data Vault, Atlanta at the TelX Atlanta Building, 56 Marietta Street, within the Equinix data centers in Ashburn, VA; Los Angeles, CA, and Chicago, IL., and in New York City at 60 Hudson Street.

Richmedium constantly continues to expand its network and services to provide cutting-edge VoIP solutions to Service Providers, Call Centers/BPOs, and Resellers worldwide. In an industry where carriers come and go, Richmedium remains a stable source for reliable, high-quality VoIP service.

We invite you to join our list of satisfied clients already enjoying the benefits of being part of the Richmedium family. For more information on how our services will benefit your business, browse our website and then contact us directly at 1-800-689-6768 within the United States and Canada or +1-954-642-0959 from abroad, or via email, For more information please visit
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