RingRoost is a hosted PBX from the team of developers at Woodstitch, we provide services across the globe to VoIP industry professionals. See the below links for more resources and further below that if you want to read our “Plug”.

Our Services
We offers all the standard features that the industry has come to expect in their PBX providers: Auto Attendants, Call Filtering, Forwarding, Call Queues, Voicemail, CRD’s, Call Recording, SIP Registration, DID’s, E911, Cname Lookup, SMS, Call Transfers etc….. On Top of all the basic features we offer a number of additional features/tools that will be hard to find with any other hosted PBX.

These feature include:
1. Drag and Drop PBX builder.
2. Ability to add your own outbound SIP trunk.
3. Conferencing (MeetMe style)
4. SMS (Inbound + Outbound)
5. Adding your own own DID number (Inbound SIP trunking)
6. HTTP interconnection during calls (So you can integrate with any other system).
7. Call variables - set variables in your call path that can be used to make decisions, interconnect with other system, even pull variables from other system to you call flow.
8. Click to call integration (let website visitors call your phone in their browser)
9. Customized IVR’s. Using the call variables feature you can easily custom your IVR’s for your customers. ex IVR might say: “Hello John Doe, thanks for calling. The phone number you calling from matches our records, please press 1 to access your account info etc….”

One of the biggest advantages of using RingRoost rather than spinning up your own FreePBX or Asterisk PBX is our robust & global infrastructure. RingRoost leverages a global network of servers (Currently 4, but we are expanding fast). We also leverage geo DNS resolution, so SIP clients and trunks can establish a SIP/RTP connection with the RingRoost server closest to them, cutting down substantially on call latency. This is particularly handy for companies making & receiving calls from other countries.

We offer simple and straightforward monthly pricing packages (no long term commitments). You can find our pricing here .

Reliability & Availability

Core to our business is offering exceptional call quality, we leverage only tier1 carriers to ensure the highest call quality. All of our origination and outbound trunks have failover servers in place to ensure that no RingRoost call is ever dropped.
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