RingRoost-How to setup up a VoIP Phone

This guide will walk you through the step by step process of how to setup up a VoIP phone (SIP phone) on RingRoost. By the end of this guide you will be able to make and receive calls on your phone. This process is generally called “Registering your SIP phone”. This process should not take more than 15 minutes from start to finish, in case your feeling overwhelmed here is a video that show how simple it is: Registering a SIP Phone

"Note: The process for registering a sip phone is the same no matter what carrier you use, so this guide will apply even if you choose not to use RingRoost as your provider. "

The only thing you need before you start this guide is a SIP capable hard phone, I would recommend the GXP1400 . It’s a very simple, inexpensive, easy to setup, and quality VoIP phone.

Note: If you are itching to get started and don’t have a hard phone, you can always use a softphone (a phone on your computer). Checkout Zoiper for a free softphone.

Step 1 - Obtaining a phone number
The process of obtaining a phone number will differ depending on your carrier if you are using RingRoost as your carrier you will need to create an account, then go the the “numbers” area and either buy a number or register a number you currently own.

Note: You only need a phone number if you want to receive calls from the PSTN. If you are actually going to use the phone, then you almost certainly want a 10 digit phone number.

Step 2. Getting a SIP username, password and host.
These are really the only 3 things you need from a VoIP carrier in order to start making calls, If you are using RingRoost you will need to drag and drop a “SIP Phone” Control onto your PBX builder. Your unique username, password and host will show up in the SIP Control element. It should look like this:

Step 3. Registering your SIP Phone
a. Set up your hard phone (plug in to power and ethernet).

b. Most VoIP phone have a web interface for changing phone settings that you can access right from your local network (I think this is so cool). To access the phones settings interface locate the IP address of your hard phone. (On the GXP1400, just hit NextScreen 3 times and it will show you the devices IP).

c. Type the IP address of your phone into your computer browser (hopefully chrome), and as long as you are on the same network as you VoIP phone you should see a login panel. You will have to enter a password, which you can find in your VoIP phone manual (or a quick gogole search). For the GXP1400 the default password “admin”.

d. Under the “Accounts” tab go to “General Settings” and enter you sip name, password, and host in the appropriate fields as shown below:

c. Save your settings then reboot your VoIP phone. After logging in again you should see a green bar under Registration status that says “Yes”. At this point pick up your phone and dial any number and you will be connected.

Step 4 - Receiving calls
To receive calls on your VoIP phone you will need to drag and drop a “Answer Call” control onto your PBX builder and then connect it to your “SIP Phone” control as shown below.

After saving your PBX your phone can now send and receive phone calls.

Step 5 - Getting E911 capable
In the USA almost every phone in use is required by the FCC to have E911 capabilities, so ensure that your service provider is offering E911 functionality. On RingRoost under the “Numbers” add the address where you are using your phone (This address will be passed to emergency responders). After adding your number, go back to your PBX and on your “SIP Phone” control set the “E911 ID” to you E911 enabled phone number.

Ensure that your E911 is setup and working properly by dialing “933” on your SIP phone, you should hear a voice prompt that tells you your address.

Do NOT test your phone by actually dialing 911.

Example pictures of steps below.

1. Making your number E911 capable.

2. Setting you SIP Phone to use appropriate e911 number.

Congrats if you made it to this point you have setup your very own VoIP Phone all by yourself.
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