Running Asterisk on Debian

Running Asterisk on Debian GNU/Linux


This document is a step-by-step guide to running Asterisk on Debian/GNU Linux for the Intel x86 architecture. It covers each phase of the process from installing Debian to placing calls between any combination of analog phones and soft phones through Asterisk. Presently, it describes an unoptimized system that is not ready for a production environment. Over time I hope to develop this document to describe a production-ready system.

Preface: Why a Wiki?

Most of this document is hosted off-site, so the question is, "Why did I bother creating a wiki for it?" The answer is that I want your feedback. If you see any mistakes or omissions you can make a note here and I'll make the correction. I hope this document helps you meet your goals and look forward to any feedback.



Phase 1: Installing Debian GNU/Linux
  1. System Requirements
  2. Get Debian
  3. Complete the Hardware Worksheet
  4. Talk to Your Network Administrator
  5. Configure the BIOS
  6. Boot the Installation System
  7. Configure the Desktop Environment

Phase 2: Installing Asterisk
  1. Install CVSup
  2. Check Out Asterisk Using CVSup
  3. Install the Required Packages add libssl-dev to the list.
  4. Install a 2.4.xx Kernel
  5. Install the Asterisk Components

Phase 3: Configuring Asterisk
  1. Hardware Configuration
  2. Configure and Start Asterisk

Phase 4: Installing and Configuring Soft Phones (See: Configure and Start Asterisk for now)
  1. Install Xten X-Lite
  2. Configure Xten X-Lite

Coming Soon: Known Issues and Links

Coming Soon Part 2: Queues, Agents, and Music on Hold

-== Bear with me...this is a work in progress ==- ; )

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