Advertised on their website since about June 2005, the S100-FX is an IAX2-ethernet adapter targeted directly at the IAXy market. The company also advertises an "original" X100P card, with matching PCI ids for simple installation.


Seems that the product is shipped from an address in Hong Kong, but the sales department is out of British Columbia (Canada).


Setup is reasonable, but for the quickest path to success, here are some tips.
  • The units come configured with static IP: To setup S100-FX to use DHCP without using a computer, please try:

    • Pick up the handset and the status light will come on.
    • Dial 12341, and the "Tel" light will begin blinking.
    • With the phone still off the hook, press and hold the IP button on the back for 10 seconds. Both the power and "Tel" lights should be solid now.
    • hang up the handset
    • wait for the S100-FX to restarts itself
    • Power cycle the unit if desired

  • If you enable time services and the time server listed is unavailable, the S100-FX will never finish booting up. If you can get away without time services enabled on the device, leave them off.
    • The device doesn't support NTP; apparently, it supports date, which isn't commonly available (and only accurate to ~1 sec).
  • For even more speed, give the device a static IP address, instead of relying on the DHCP server.

At any time if you want to hear what the current IP address assignment is, just press the IP button and then pick up the handset.

To set the unit up for 911 via the PSTN port, it's very simple.
  • Log into the web interface (default password is 1234).
  • Set the "use dialplan" option to "hotline".
  • Set the "dial number" string to 911.

Now all 911 calls will go to the land line, everything else goes VOIP.

The default IP of the device is

Major Bugs v2.0 issue

  • Bad one sided echo
  • audio drop outs
  • no customer support
  • no website updates
  • no response to emails
  • no new firmware updates

Feature comparison between v2 and the iaxy

  • Supports pass through to a standard analogue phone line.
  • Built in ethernet switch.
  • Web based configuration.
  • Universal voltage power supply.
  • Supports lower bandwidth codecs such as gsm.
  • Does not support message waiting
  • Does not provide callerID name (just number)

Enhance S100-FX to a Dual Mode FXS / FXO Intelligent ATA.

  • X100P.com announces STOC-FX, Professional Grade FXS to FXO Converter for All VoIP ATAs and Asterisk FXS Ports
  • Make or Receive VoIP calls on the Road!

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