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What is SBO?

Synchronous Bandwidth Optimizer is generally known as SBO. It is a bandwidth optimization solution for VoIP call termination, developed by Synchronous ICT, a world famous VoIP software provider. It is a pioneer Bandwidth Optimization Technology fully loaded with amazing features.

Why Bandwidth Saver is so important for VoIP?

You know, in VoIP termination, main expenditure is Bandwidth cost. Only for highly bandwidth cost many companies are struggling day by day. Minimizing Bandwidth consumption is the main purpose of SBO Solution, at the same time it helps to reduce business operation cost expectedly. As a perfect bandwidth saver SBO reduces more than 80% internet cost directly. However, the quality of service is never compromised. To run a quality VoIP business congestion free, telco grade bandwidth connection is required . Such type of bandwidth connection is very costly as well as extremely rare. So, it was almost impossible to run quality VoIP business basically for small and medium entrepreneurs.
But, now things are different, SBO Multipath make its possible to run IP telephony business with low cost share internet connection by maintaining supreme service quality. It can combine multiple internet connections together and use all the available bandwidth creating a single connection.

How does SBO work?

Well, there are mainly two parts in SIP communication, one is payload and another is RTP header. For a SIP call with G.729 it consumes almost 31.5 kbps bandwidth. But, noticeable matter is that the payload size is only 8 kbps. Rest of the bandwidth is consumed by RTP and other headers. SBO works here. It has own proprietary VoIP protocol which can replace the RTP and only transmit payload size thus reducing bandwidth consumption.

Key Features of SBO:

  • The most important feature of SBO is, it can reduce bandwidth cost directly by 80% without degrading service quality.
  • SBO works behind any type of firewall or NAT. That means, it has anti-block feature.
  • Works with all commonly used codecs such as G.729, G.723 etc.
  • Multipath: SBO Multipath allows you to use multiple number of internet connections same time. These connections can be used simultaneously for your VoIP termination establishment which can balance load among available networks and it develop service quality expectedly.
  • Works with any type of internet connection i.e. GPRS, EDGE, 3G, 4G, Wi-Fi, Wi-Max, so it is possible to setup anywhere where mobile internet is available.
  • Works perfectly with all types of GSM Gateway device i.e Cisco, GoIP, Skyline, Dinstar and so on.
  • Highly secure and linux based software.
  • Full featured billing platform SyncSwitch is integrated with SBO. It help you to check CDR, ACD, add or remove clients and many more.
  • Increase Average Call Duration (ACD) by 1-2 minutes;
  • Works with both real IP and local IP.
  • Technical support is available 24/7. Our support team is highly experienced and skilled at dealing with your VoIP problems.


We have added a FAQ (Frequently Ask Questions) section for SBO in our web page. For any questions' answer you may visit SBO FAQ section.

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