SBO Bandwidth Saver

What is SBO?

SBO is the short form of Synchronous Bandwidth Optimizer, it is a complete software for VoIP service provider and it's developed by Synchronous ICT, a world famous VoIP software provider. SBO mainly work to reduce the internet cost, beside this, it also has some other cool features.

How Does SBO work?

There are mainly two parts in SIP communication, one is payload and another is RTP header. For a SIP call with G.729 it consumes 31.5 kbps bandwidth. But, noticeable matter is that the payload size is only 8 kbps. Rest of the bandwidth is consumed by RTP and other headers. SBO has its own proprietary VoIP protocol which can replace the RTP and only transmit payload size thus reducing bandwidth consumption.

Why Bandwidth Saver is Important for VoIP?

Minimizing bandwidth consumption is the main purpose of SBO Solution, but, at the same time it help to reduce business operation cost. As a perfect bandwidth saver SBO cutoff more than 80% internet cost directly to protect it's clients from over paid. But, it never compromised with service quality. In VoIP telecommunication, main expenditure is Bandwidth cost. For a SIP call with G.729 codec it consumes more than 32 kbps of bandwidth. So, per 32 ports bandwidth consumption with G.729 Codec is about 936 kbps and with G.723 its about 657 kbps, while the payload size is only 8 Kbps. Rest of the bandwidth is consumed by RTP and other headers which is not important for voice call. So, a perfect bandwidth solution has capacity to reduce it without degrading the voice quality at all.
To run a quality VoIP business, required a well maintained, congestion free, telco grade bandwidth connection. Such type of bandwidth connection is very costly as well as extremely rare. So, it was almost impossible to run quality VoIP business basically for small and medium entrepreneurs. But, now things are different, bandwidth saver with multipath facilities make it possible to run IP business with low cost share internet connection by maintaining supreme service quality. A perfect bandwidth saver should have the following key features:

Key Features of SBO Bandwidth Saver

Reduce Bandwidth Cost for More Than 80% Without Degrading The Service Quality;
Increase Service Quality Dramatically;
Increase Route Performance;
Increase Average Call Duration by 1-2 Minutes. That means ensure good ACD and ASR;
Work with any types of internet firewall to ensure interruption free, stable VoIP business.
Work with all sorts of Internet Connection- 3G, 4G, WiFi, WMAX, EDGE, GPRS and so on;
It allows using more multiple internet connection at a time to balance load among available networks;
Work with Low Bandwidth, and manage congested network to ensure high performance.
It is not important to arrange Static or Real IP to operate your IP business rather it work with normal/ public shared internet connections and support SIP (Session Initiation Protocol);
SBO generally work with all Commonly use Codec, such as G.729, G.723, AMR and so on

List Of Companies Providing VoIP Bandwidth Solution

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