SD-WAN Vendors

Getting the highest bandwidth possible is a network user's dream. SD-WAN works by delivering better connectivity, minimal complexity, and lower costs to the wide area network. Other than sellers producing SD-WAN products, there are resellers specializing in SD-WAN solutions who help customers select the platform that works best for business requirements, traffic mix, and application deployment model. SD-WAN is specifically used to link network enterprises that are located over great distances. Within these circumstances, SD-WAN is considered to be the most efficient solution to route traffic to distant areas.

The SD-WAN Solution

Diverse types of tangible WAN links can be implemented to transport traffic with little effort required by the network engineer. SD-WAN travels parallel above the tangible infrastructure which extracts the actual links. Read more about SD-WAN.

How the SD-WAN Process Works

Each physical link's performance is monitored by SD-WAN forwarders. Next, individual flows are transmitted to distant SD-WAN forwarders passing over the link that will efficiently manage that flow's specific SLA needs.

How Are SLA Requirements Defined?

SLA requirements are defined by a network operator in a central controller which is passed on as a principle of action to every SD-WAN forwarder. The benefit? A company can reduce expenses on non-public WAN links by tallying more affordable broadband links to the WAN conglomeration.

List of SD-WAN Vendors

Below is a list of SD-WAN Vendors. Feel free to add to it, but keep it in alphabetical order.

Aryaka's Global SD-WAN

The nucleus of Aryaka's SD-WAN is a worldwide non-public network that spreads across six continents with 26 points of presence. This type of outreach is impressive, to say the least, since 95 percent of the globe's professional consumers are less than 30 milliseconds away. These points of presence are integrated by a "pillar" of non-public network connections sent by renowned service providers.

The Internet is utilized by enterprises for end-of-the-line connectivity to Aryaka, but Aryaka's worldwide "pillar" delivers network transport that surpasses both MPLS and the Internet in performance with cloud injection and SaaS connectivity. Sitting above this global network, Aryaka integrates WAN optimization, accelerated mobile application, SD-WAN technology, cloud platforms connectivity, and functionality of content delivery network (CDN).

Aryaka's international SD-WAN is provided as an ongoing support solution, cutting costs by more than 50 percent compared to legacy solutions like MPLS. Customers who implement the Aryaka solution can have it in operation in less than a day compared to multiple weeks it takes to set up MPLS. At present, Aryaka's international SD-WAN is implemented by over 500 worldwide enterprises as a permanent alternative solution from archaic connectivity solutions.

Barracuda Networks

Barracuda's main focus is the mid-market and is a creator of an assortment of kindred networking appliances. Many WAN connections function in a synchronized manner to SD-WAN devices that execute load sharing. Barracuda's complex comprehensive firewall solely possesses SD-WAN capabilities and integrated, pioneered security with some SD-WAN functionality. Encrypted VPN tunnels travel across many WAN connections, and deliver higher bandwidth via WAN optimization technology, integrated compression, and caching. The result is significant savings in cost due to streamlined handling and minimal need for top-grade lines.

BigLeaf Networks

The description of what BigLeaf does is simple. They are a provider of SD-WAN that keenly focuses on improving cloud connectivity rather than site-to-site connectivity. This approach provides amazing security since it doesn't breach the LAN's security perimeter, and their install is plug-n-play friendly. BigLeaf's Same-IP failover is a replacement of BGP; all traffic is intelligently load-balanced live which is hinged on ISP scenarios. Their Dynamic QoS system (patent-pending) is vital to their tenacity in optimizing live VoIP and miscellaneous cloud movement.

Cato Networks

Cato Networks is an aggressively competitive startup offering a bridge device that allows customers to use LTE, multiple link types–broadband, and MPLS or their offering of cloud-based WAN instead of MPLS. It provides options for application-based courses of action to steer traffic over specific links. Additionally, Cato targets enterprises from the small to medium categories and provides malware detection and firewall as well as other security cloud-based services.

Cisco iWAN

Cisco's Intelligent WAN (IWAN) operates on routers using compatible licensing. It is a compilation of Cisco technologies that collaborate to make high impact path forwarding conclusions. To give an idea of how this action could take place, DMVPN would be used by IWAN as the top layer and PfRv3 could oversee path quality, managed by a tiered arrangement of course of action delivery routers and restricted application identification via NBAR/Netflow. Operators of the network will handle the workings of the system by means of the GA APIC-EM controller.

Side Note: Cisco's IWAN has many controllers (SDN) and it's unclear which one will remain stable long term. It's recommended that customers wait at least a year for Cisco to work out the glitches found by customer deployments.

Citrix NetScaler SD-WAN

NetScaler SD-WAN is a solution keyed in on making flows of traffic better between a cloud-hosted applications and a local office. Appliances are deployed per location and the data corporate facility. The appliance intelligently merges multiple connections including mobile and satellite, MPLS, and broadband into one virtual link. IPSec encrypts connections between appliances.

Netscaler sizes up each packet to watch the performance of a link. If the function of one link breaks down, the appliance can divert the traffic to another link. The appliance also has featured WAN optimization, consisting of data decompression, caching, reduplication, and TCP termination for video streaming.

A controller manages the network, revamps the software, and permits administrators to establish courses of action. Customers can place applications in "tiers of importance" and do this with link types as well based on business requirements; Web surfing can be assigned as "attempt as much as possible" whereas VoIP calls can get "top priority". Administrators can even program how link types are used. For example, 3G can be programmed as a default connection when other connections are unavailable.


CloudGenix delivers a well-rounded SD-WAN solution that includes forwarders, a policy controller, and a traffic engine analytics. Is it so hard to fathom how traditional WAN routers could be replaced by ION Elements (Cloud Genix forwarders) over time? CloudGenix isn't shy about showcasing its expertise identifying applications and sub-applications, which is an important capability used to sort application flows to specific WAN links queued for relocation.


Ecessa is known for its appliance creations that merges many DSL circuits to act as one logical WAN circuit. Eventually, other functions were added like targeted attention for voice traffic and SIP and enhanced security features. Ecessa presently caters to smaller companies that run 10-50 sites, but also supports a range of customers who hold less than 10 websites or those that have 200 or more within an SD-WAN format.

Coveted features of Ecessa's architecture include load balancing, automatic failover, smooth connectivity and traffic routing. A customers who purchases from Ecessa receives engineering support where they help bring the customer's appliances online, route traffic patterns, and erect online pathways in a semi or full mesh or hub-and-spoke layout after determining the most compatible option.


Elfiq has broadened their support with SD-WAN capabilities. A relationship with Elfiq will likely include their engineering services to initially jumpstart the system, as endpoints require to be configured to communicate with one another. Once this is done, the configured endpoints stay in sync with each other in the event that when endpoint newcomers are attached, all in the system "know" their intended destination.

Elfiq provides the SD-WAN concept of safe transport over the Internet, and a range of similar products such as WAN hybrid and intense packet inspection that perform as a team to provide a more well-rounded WAN offering.


SD-WAN veteran FatPipe owns multiple patents and has been shipping and delivering products for over ten years. FatPipe's product description (MPVPN) closely parallels with a forwarding SD-WAN appliance. FatPipe is considered a typical SD-WAN architecture.

Glue Networks

In early 2016, Glue launched their system (GluWare 2.x orchestration) that is amazingly intelligent (knows a device's present state as well as the planned state and is robust; it is savvy to network engineers used to scripting blocks of code at the CLI to format Juniper and Cisco devices, for example. GluWare only implements required changes and also removes irrelevant, archaic code. GluWare actually works as a type of digital filtration in the sense that logic checks happen prior, during, and after task execution deployment.

Mushroom Networks

Mushroom Network's beginnings was manufacturing broadband bonding appliances, increasing traffic to the greatest extent by creating diverse type of physical links to act as a single link offering. With that type of performance portfolio, Mushroom has officially entered the world of SD-WAN. Mushroom can still combine links and moves a single flow across every link. They can even re-order packets when needed and use their Armor products to manage traffic such as video or VoIP.

Nuage Networks

Nuage's SDN solution specializes in network virtualization platform and in cloud operations. Nuage replaces the tangible network with automated virtual network services.


Global software-defined network solutions (4G LTE )leader Cradlepoint, acquired the privately owned Silicon Valley company Pertino. Pertino pioneered in its delivery of cloud-based networks as a service for worldwide enterprise and small-to-medium business (SMB) through the use of software-defined networking (SDN). This acquisition enables Cradlepoint to take advantage of Pertino's cloud platform and extensive technical expertise to introduce the perks of SDN to 4G LTE, broadband and MPLS wide-area networks (WANs) for enterprise, SMB, and carrier and government organizations. It will also enable Cradlepoint to rapidly pursuit growing demands for software-defined enterprise network solutions and services.

Cradlepoint's Key Reason for Acquiring Pertino

CEO and Chairman of the Board for Cradlepoint George Mulhern believes that the merger of Cradlepoint and Pertino and technology platforms will enable them to create significant value for their customers, partners and company in a less complex and more cost-effective manner.

To summarize Cradlepoint's main reason for acquiring Pertino, was that the company wanted their devices integrated with SD-WAN capabilities and be the go-to source to help global customers find a more agile, software-driven infrastructure and service delivery framework.

Riverbed Networks

Known as the WAN king, Riverbed is including SD-WAN capabilities to its portfolio of expertise in the analysis of traffic and expertise of WAN environments. Riverbed partners with cloud providers and enterprises utilizing cloud applications can access this functionality with the right license key.


SilverPeak's WAN optimization presence is comparable to Riverbed, and has introduced Unity (SD-WAN product), including the appliance Unity Edge that cuts out WAN circuits. Paired with Silver Peak's policy controller is its application identification capability which forms a comprehensive SD-WAN solution. It also offers Unity Boost (upgrade)that adds the capability of WAN optimization to SD-WAN's platform.

Sonus Networks

Sonus uses its NaaS IQ product to manage the flows of applications traversing a WAN infrastructure which is similar in concept to some of the other WAN solutions mentioned earlier. Sonus stands apart in its performance in how it directs traffic and utilizes OpenFlow to oversee WAN edge switches.


SimpleWan provides a cloud-based networking solution for branch offices, service centers, stores and franchises.
Networking doesn't have to be complex! Our all-in-one solution provides an experience that is fast, very simple to setup, monitor, and easy to diagnose to resolve connectivity issues remotely.

Talari Networks

The SD-WAN establishment Talari uses appliances and a controller. A customer can mix and match their WAN links while guaranteeing a defined user experience. The most noteworthy thing about Talari is that it dedicated many years delivering an SD-WAN solution prior to the period that SD-WAN really started catching on!


TELoIP caters to the reseller market, sharing a close relationship with firms who want to provide consumers with SD-WAN. This reseller's solution is agile, but TELoIP views mini installs as compatible to their technology too. Their equipment and digital offerings produces an overhead virtual network layer across the Internet. Moreover, TELoIP's box links to the Internet TELoIP cloud. Traffic is enhanced across the Internet pillar between TELoIP POPs. TELoIP technology can be described as an SD-WAN offering and an SD-Internet offering.

Side Note: The TELoIP Internet cloud operates over the public Internet.


The main objective of VeloCloud's SD-WAN is improving user experience to the highest degree while utilizing cloud applications. VeloCloud ensures that LAN-to-cloud traffic travels across the optimal Internet path and has appliances located worldwide. VeloCloud also offers a lifesaver brand solution for providers of managed service, and is quickly expanding into the world of WAN enterprise as well.

Versa Networks

Versa Networks made its debut to the SD-WAN market in 2015 and was formed by former Juniper staff. Versa Networks offers a number of SD-WAN carrier features that includes the following key aspects:
  • Streamlined deployment model via BGP for configuration state
  • Specific attention to managed service providers and carriers
  • High emphasis on multiple users in the controller platform and data plane
  • Active support insertion/NFV in the margin intersection
  • APIs (NETCONF) for configuration and performance management


In January 2014, Virtela was bought by NTT Communications. Virtela doesn't really identify itself as a SD-WAN firm, but does offer functionality similar to SD-WAN with their global cloud product options. Virtela offers service guaranteed for different traffic categories extending from one location to another location worldwide. This service nucleus is offered as a part of a variety of products that includes:
  • Virtualized Overlay Networking
  • Cloud-Based Application Acceleration
  • IP VPN

Enterprises using these services link to endpoints that belong to them, or to public clouds endpoints. Virtela's platform delivers an optimized end user experience. Virtela strategizes the best "route" for a specific application traversing the global Internet even farther than BGP routing.


Viptela works with SD-WAN forwarders and a mainstay policy controller. Viptela's reputation involves high agility and seamless integration with conventional routing systems.

MPLS-Experts (SD-WAN-Experts)

MPLS-Experts is an expert consultant of SD-WAN. Their agenda is to perform extensive WAN traffic testing at consumer sites, then put together a compatible solution that satisfies the requirement results by the mixed application. However, they claim no loyalty to one particular SD-WAN solution. Rather it puts the best technology into play to meet each organization's needs.

WAN Dynamics

WAN Dynamics is an in-house integrator and SD-WAN value added reseller, redistributing SD-WAN products from BigLeaf, Talari and VeloCloud, under the product name DynaWAN.

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