SER example exec

SER application integration

this example shows use of ser as stateless SIP server redirect which rewrites URIs using an exernal utility

  1. $Id: exec.cfg,v 1.7 2003/06/03 03:18:12 jiri Exp $

  1. ------------------ module loading ----------------------------------

loadmodule "modules/exec/"
loadmodule "modules/sl/"

  1. ------------------------- request routing logic -------------------

  1. main routing logic

  1. for testing purposes, simply okay all REGISTERs
if (method=="REGISTER") {
sl_send_reply("200", "ok");

  1. first dump the message to a file using cat command
exec_msg("printenv SRCIP > /tmp/exectest.txt; cat >> /tmp/exectest.txt");
  1. and then rewrite URI using external utility
  2. note that the last echo command trashes input parameter
if (exec_dset("echo;echo;echo>/dev/null")) {
sl_send_reply("300", "Redirect");
} else {
log(1, "alas, rewriting failed\n");

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