SER module PA and Internet 2

Internet2 is a consortium of university, corporate, and affiliate members working together to develop and deploy advanced network applications and technologies for research and higher education. In addition to a VoIP working group, it also hosts a Presence and Integrated Communications working group. Jamey Hicks, a member of the PIC working group, has focused on extending the SER Presence Agent module to support recent RFC's and internet drafts, and to increase presence-related interoperability between SIP user agents.

The PA module code updates are available on a lesser cvs branch than the main distribution. We are also offering an Internet2 PIC Working Group SER Module PA Trial Package to Internet2 university and affiliate members and hope to host further documentation on this package at this site.

Created by: cholman, Last modification: Tue 10 of May, 2005 (20:26 UTC)
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