SER module PA and Internet2

Internet2 is a consortium of university, corporate, and affiliate members working together to develop and deploy advanced network applications and technologies for research and higher education. In addition to a VoIP working group and the working group, it also hosts a Presence and Integrated Communications working group. Jamey Hicks, a member of the PIC working group, has focused on extending the SER Presence Agent module to support recent RFC's and internet drafts, and to increase presence-related interoperability between SIP user agents.

Many of the PA module code updates are available from the PA module directory. The Internet2 PIC working group has started offering an updated distribution for testing, as part of a campus trials package called PIC-SER, and to the awardees of our call for participation.

Thanks to Jan Janak, and, for allowing us to host documentation on the PIC-SER project and PA module experimentation and development at this site.

Documentation for PIC-SER
SER/PA Installation Guide for PIC-SER
Wave Three Session Installation Guide for PIC-SER
Xten eyeBeam Installation Guide for PIC-SER
Testing Guide for PIC-SER

PIC-SER Deployment Updates

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PIC-SER Frequently Asked Questions

Q. How can I get the newest PA module code?
A. The trial was closed to new participant proposals as of May 31, 2005. The PIC working group and campus trial participants will complete testing of the newest code. Jamey Hicks will post the tested code back to the SER repository once it is stable.

Q. What happens if I don't have a DNS SRV record?
A. DNS SRV is used both for proxy server lookup and SIP delivery reliability. If you don't have it your service will be slower and less reliable. Check here for a summary of the RFC3263, Locating SIP Servers.

Q. How do I restart pic-ser when it is not responding to registration requests?
A. You mean when it is wedged, hosed, or otherwise not responding? Check here for
a complete list of what to do with a non-responding server. Kicking and screaming is not recommended.

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