SER module acc

acc module is used to report on transactions to syslog, SQL and RADIUS.

To report on a transaction using syslog, use "setflag" to mark a transaction you are interested in with a flag, load accounting module and set its "log_flag" to the same flag number. The acc module will then report on completed transaction to syslog. A typical usage of the module takes no acc-specific script command — the functionality binds invisibly through transaction processing. Script writers just need to mark the transaction for accounting with proper setflag.

What is printed depends on module's "log_fmt" parameter. It's a string with characters specifying which parts of request should be printed:

  • c = Call-Id
  • d = To tag (Dst)
  • f = From
  • i = Inbound Request-URI
  • m = Method
  • o = Outbound Request-URI
  • r = fRom
  • s = Status
  • t = To
  • u = digest Username
  • p = username Part of inbound Request-URI

If a value is not present in request, "n/a" is accounted instead.

You need to enable support for SQL or RADIUS by recompiling the module with properly set defines. Uncomment the SQL_ACC and RAD_ACC lines in modules/acc/Makefile.


The ACC modules depends on

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