SER module exec

Exec module allows to start an external command from a ser script. The commands may be any valid shell commands

The command string is passed to shell using "popen" command. ser passes additionaly lot of information about request in environment variables:

  • SIP_HF_<hf_name> contains value of each header field in request. If a header field occured multiple times, values are concatenated and comma-separated. <hf_name> is in capital letters. Ff a header-field name occured in compact form, <hf_name> is canonical.
  • SIP_TID is transaction identifier. All requests retransmissions or CANCELs/ACKs associated with a previous INVITE result in the same value.
  • SIP_DID is dialog identifier, which is the same as to-tag.Initially, it is empty.
  • SIP_SRCIP is source IP address from which request came.
  • SIP_ORURI is original request URI.
  • SIP_RURI is current request URI (if unchanged, equal to original).
  • SIP_USER is userpart of current request URI.
  • SIP_OUSER is userpart of original request URI.

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