SER module msilo

msilo: This modules provides offline message storage for the SIP Express Router. It stores received messages for an offline user and sends them when the user becomes online.

For each message, the modules stores "Request-URI" ("R-URI") only if it is a complete address of record ("username@hostname"), URI from "To" header, URI from "From" header, incoming time, expiration time, content type and body of the message. If "R-URI" is not an address of record (it might be the contact address for current SIP session) the URI from "To" header will be used as R-URI.

When the expiration time passed, the message is discarded from database. Expiration time is computed based on incoming time and one of the module's parameters.

Every time when a user registers with SER, the module is looking in database for offline messages intended for that user. All of them will be sent to contact address provided in REGISTER request.

It may happen the SIP user to be registered but his SIP User Agent to have no support for MESSAGE request. In this case it should be used the "failure_route" to store the undelivered requests.

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