SER module sms

sms: This module provides a way of comunication between SIP network (via SIP MESSAGE ) and GSM networks (via ShortMessageService).

Comunication is possible from SIP to SMS and vice versa. The module provides facilities like

  • SMS confirmation: the gateway can confirm to the SIP user if his message really reached its destination as a SMS
  • multipart messages: if a SIP messages is too long it will be split and sent as multiple SMS.

Errors occurred because of an invalid number or a too long message or because of an internal modem malfunction are reported back to the SIP user via a SIP message containing explanations regarding the error.

The SMS module needs a GSM modem to be able to send/receive the SMS messages. Usualy, this kind of modems are externals, linked to the machine via serial cable. The modem can be a dedicated one (as the ones provided by FALCOM) or can be a GSM telephone that has an internal modem (as the latest mobile phones from NOKIA and ERICSSON).

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