SER tips and tricks

Example configurations from the SIP Express Router 0.8.11 distribution.

Howto's, faq's

  • SER faq authenticate: When do you use www-authenticate instead of proxy-authenticate?
  • SER outbound proxy: SER acting as outbound SIP proxy between two interfaces, one inside NAT and one outside. Additionally, the SIPatH Project has an Outbound Proxy as main application scenario for SER.
  • SER and Microsoft OCS: How to use SER to allow SIP traffic from One Microsoft OCS Medition Server to be redirected to Many SIP gateways based on Call To SIP URI

Please add your own tips and tricks with SER here:

  • SER example myowntrick


  • Complete example to setup SER & Asterisk@Home on a single machine (i.e. allow remote SIP extensions behind home gateway NAT devices to connect seamlessly).

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