SFLphone is a SIP/IAX2 compatible softphone for Linux. The SFLphone project's goal is to create a robust enterprise-class desktop phone. While it can serve home users very well, it is designed with a hundred-calls-a-day receptionist in mind.
Based on a client/server architecture (communication through DBUS), it provides a GNOME client, a KDE client and a command-line Python client, all clients using the same SIP core.
This project is licensed under the terms of the GNU General Public License 3(GPL3). SFLphone is currently in active development, developers & contributors are welcome.

Latest releases

  • 2011 November 21th: 1.0.1 stable release
  • 2011 April 5th: 0.9.13 stable release
  • 2011 January 14th: 0.9.12 stable release
  • 2010 November 17th: 0.9.11 stable release
  • 2010 November 06th: 0.9.10 stable release
  • 2010 September 29th: 0.9.9 stable release
  • 2010 April 23th: 0.9.8 stable release
  • 2009 Dec 10th: 0.9.7 stable release
  • 2009 Nov 20th: 0.9.7 release candidate 1
  • 2009 Oct 31th: 0.9.7 beta
  • 2009 July 27th: 0.9.6 stable release
  • 2009 May 22th: 0.9.5 stable release

Features list

  • SIP and IAX compatible
  • Entreprise-class features: unlimited number of calls, attended call transfer and hold, call recording,
  • Multiple audio conferencing
  • TLS and zRTP support
  • Audio codecs supported: G711u, G711a, GSM, speex (8000 Hz,16 000 Hz, 32 000 Hz), Celt, G722
  • Multiple SIP accounts support
  • Instant messaging
  • STUN support per account
  • DTMF support (SIP INFO)
  • Call history + search feature
  • Silence detection with speex audio codec
  • Account assistant wizard
  • Central server providing free SIP/IAX account
  • Desktop notification: voicemail number, incoming call, information messages
  • Minimize on start-up
  • Minimize to tray
  • Direct IP-to-IP SIP call
  • SIP Re-invite
  • Address book support: Evolution Data Server integration (for the GNOME client), KABC integration for the KDE client
  • Pulseaudio support
  • Native ALSA interface, DMix support
  • Locale settings: french, english, german, chinese, spanish, italian
  • Automatic opening of incoming URL

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Version 0.9.7 rc1:

This is COOL! You can try.............Nahid Hossain

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