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SIM Bank/ SIM Sever

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Hardware: SIM Bank

Software: SIM Server (free for users)

SIM Bank allows SIM card safekeeping, centralized management. It connected with HyberTone GSM VoIP Gateway via internet.

SIM cards no longer need to be installed in GSM VoIP Gateway anymore. You can deploy your VoIP GSM Gateway in different locations. Centralize and supervise all SIMs in one place, manage the entire system from your office.

SIM Bank
SMB-32 SMB-128

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Major Advantages:

    • Lightweight and Portable
    • Save on travel expense and time
    • Save the cost of 'on site' technicians
    • Save the down time between maintenance
    • Control and manage this system from the office via IP

Function of SIM Server:

    • Rotate SIM Cards on Duty
    • Set GSM Group (Assign several SIMs Per GSM Port)
    • Set Talk Time per SIM, Set Day of week, Set Time Range
    • Change IMEI
    • Monitor CDR, ASR, ACD

Hardware characteristics

    • 32 SIM Card Slots
    • 1 PC port & 1 LAN port (10/100 Base-T)
    • LED Indicators: Power, Status and errors indicator
    • Reset button for device reboot / factory reset

Software characteristics

    • Operating system: Linux V2.6
    • SIM Card standard: GSM11.11 3.3V
    • IP standard: IP V4
    • LAN Port Configuration: DHCP, PPPoE, Static IP
    • Preferred Network Environment: Packet Loss rate <1%, Packet Delay < 300ms
    • One-way SIM peak traffic: 11KBPS

Physical Properties

    • Color: Grey
    • Case Material: Plastic
    • Weight: 1.5KG (Including AC/DC Adapter)
    • Size: 150mm (W) * 290mm (L) * 50mm (H)
    • Power: Input:100-240V~50/60HZ 0.6A Max Output:12V-2A
    • Power consumption: 10W
    • Environment Temperature: (Operating) 10 ℃~ 45 ℃, (Storage) 0 ℃~ 5 0℃
    • Operating humidity: <90%, non-condensing
    • Warranty:One year

Lead Sales: Leo


telephone: +86 18576773508

skype: Leohybertone

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