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On Nov 04, 2008, SIP Express Router (SER) and Kamailio (OpenSER) started the SIP Router Project

SIP Express Router (ser) is a high-performance, configurable, free SIP ( RFC3261 ) server . It can act as registrar, proxy or redirect server. SER features an application-server interface, presence support, SMS gateway, SIMPLE2Jabber gateway, RADIUS/syslog accounting and authorization, server status monitoring, FCP security, etc. Web-based user provisioning, serweb, available.

Its performance allows it to deal with operational burdens, such as broken network components, attacks, power-up reboots and rapidly growing user population.

SER's configuration ability meets needs of a whole range of scenarios including small-office use, enterprise PBX replacements and carrier services.
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This Wiki covers both the stable and the development branch of SER. When adding new commands, modules, and options, please also add a note on *when* this was added so that users may compare with their version date.

  • SER is an Open Source SIP server, licensed under the GPL
  • SER supports SIP over TCP and UDP according to RFC 3261
  • SER supports ENUM
  • SER supports several NAT support mechanisms
  • SER may interoperate with the jabber instant messaging architecture
  • SER supports multiple user DNS domains in parallell
  • SER is extensible with modules for various additional functions
  • SER supports DNS SRV lookups

SER supports SIP connections with more features and more scalability than Asterisk. Normally, SER would be used in conjunction with Asterisk when a SIP phone needed to connect to the PSTN.

SER modules

If "experimental" this applies to the 0.8.11 release.

Ser pages

Ser web interfaces


  • ser has been written in ANSI C. It has been extensively tested on PC/Linux and Sun/Solaris. Ports to BSD and IPAQ/Linux exist.
  • SIPatH Project - porting ser to the mipsel architecture OpenWRT - Summary - Website
  • SER OS Platforms - What Operating Systems SER works with.
  • SER Linksys NSLU2



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