SIP Express Router Consultants

SIP Express Router consultants and turnkey solutions:

AG Projects

Multimedia Service Platform

FavaJam Co

Web site: http://www.favajam.com
Telephone: 0098 21 2284 8041
  • High availability architectures
  • Linux and MySQL
  • NAT traversal
  • Integration of heterogeneous VoIP systems
  • ENUM integration
  • Service contracts
  • Strategic product direction and IETF Standardization
  • Reviewing and development of architectures and designs
  • Education
  • SIP registrar server
  • SIP router / proxy (lcr, dynamic routing, dialplan features)
  • SIP redirect server
  • SIP presence agent
  • SIP IM server (chat and end-2-end IM)
  • SIP to SMS gateway (bidirectional)
  • SIP to XMPP gateway for presence and IM (bidirectional)
  • SIP load-balancer or dispatcher

AgileCO http://agileco.net

  • MultiModal - MultiService Platform
  • Web site: http://vnap.ws http://gpro.ws
  • Contact; info_at_vnap.ws
  • High-availability hardended SER platforms
  • OpenSSI Clustering to support millions of subscriber
  • CDR collection and mediation for SER, Asterisk and Cisco
  • Radius, Diameter / Ldap integration
  • SMS / MMS / SIMPLE / XMPP / H.264 / integration/implementation
  • Contact Center (IVR- VoiceXML /Jabber / Outbound/Inbound Marketing implementation)

  • ENUM and DunDI management (DNS NAPTR records)
  • Load balancing and redundant NAT traversal MediaProxy
  • Integrated SOAP/XML provisioning system
  • postpaid/MiCropayment/Prepaid
  • Jain/ParlayX support
  • IMS and MIH integration
  • SER - ASTERISk LIVE CD Creation
  • SKYPE - SER -SugarCRM Integration
  • FireFox SIP Client ToolBar

Alireza Asgari

  • Web site) http://www.vontrade.com
  • Phone) 416-884-2282, E-mail: ali@vontrade.com
  • URL) SIP:99999@it.vontrade.com
  • Install, configure and maintain SER platforms, SEMS and serweb
  • High availability, distribution and load balancing, NAT traversal
  • Calling Card, IVR, Text 2 Speech, Conferencing, Chat Rooms
  • Voicemail, VoIP Billing, Custom AGI Development
  • Convergence and Integration (Asterisk, Cisco, H323 etc)
  • Carrier Grade VoIP Solutions


  • http://www.asipto.com
  • SER/OpenSER/Kamailio consultancy
  • team includes co-founders and core developers of SER/OpenSER
  • Install, configure and maintain SER/OpenSER platforms
  • Out-of-the-box platforms, high availability, scalability, NAT traversal
  • Prepaid systems, load balancers, NAT SBC
  • Development services
  • Integration with Asterisk PBX and FreeSWITCH

AtlasVoice (Canada)

  • http://www.atlasvoice.com
  • Email: sales @ atlasvoice . com
  • Install, configure and maintain SER platforms
  • High availability, load balancing, NAT traversal
  • Integration with Asterisk PBX

Be IP (Mons, Belgium)

  • http://www.beip.be
  • E-Mail: sales@beip.be
  • Telephone : +32 65 39 91 00
  • Be IP offers IP telephony and Voice over IP solutions based on open standards and Open Source technologies like Asterisk and SER. Founded by pioneers of Voice over IP, who are recognized in the Open Source world, the company is also specialized in the development of tailor-made products. We provide SER and Asterisk integration services, development and consulting.

Byll Technology SA http://www.bylltel.com

  • Web site: www.bylltel.com
  • High-availability SER and ASTERISK platforms
  • Load balancing and redundant NAT traversal nathelper
  • Prepaid/postpaid
  • softphones with autoprovisioning, video, IM, presence, ...

Dr. SIP (Zurich, Switzerland)

Expert for SIP, ENUM, Linux, OpenSER/Kamailio, and Asterisk

  • 3rd Level Support for SIP Issues / Troubleshooting
  • Installation and maintainance of SIP (SER/OpenSER/Kamailio, Asterisk, and other) systems
  • High availability architectures
  • NAT traversal
  • Integration of heterogeneous VoIP systems
  • Service contracts
  • Strategic product direction and IETF Standardization
  • Reviewing and development of architectures and designs
  • Education


  • Web site: www.eikonex.net
  • Email: contact@eikonex.net
  • Design, Install, Maintain SER/Asterisk architecture
  • High availability, load balancing, NAT traversal
  • Softphone and CTI applications development : call centers

Endeavor Technologies

  • Web site: http://www.endeavor-technologies.com
  • Email: info@endeavor-technologies.com
  • Install, Configure SER Platforms
  • End-to-end network design for VOIP networks (using open source or commercial products)
  • Integration with the Asterisk PBX


  • customizable pbx turnkey solution - e.com pbx
  • VoIP consultancy and research
  • pbx and soft-switch developement and integration
  • callcentre desing and implementation

epbx Headquarters
Gotthelfstrasse 102, 4054 Basel, Switzerland
phone: +41 615115014
www: http://www.epbx.eu

epbx Czech office
V Haji 1214/13, 170 00 Prague 7, Czech republic
phone: +420 226517511
www: http://www.epbx.cz

Krishna TeleSoft Pvt. Ltd (INDIA and USA)

  • Web site: http://www.onlinevoipsolutions.com
  • Email : contact@onlinevoipsolutions.com
  • Contact: 91-9427608290
  • Location: India & USA
  • Info : We are pioneer and Leading supplier of VoIP solutions. Integration, interface with VoIP, software engineering, operational gap analysis and solution architecture. We provide services & customization based on below mention sevices.
  • Services:
    • Sip Express Router,
    • OpenSIPs,
    • Kamilio,
    • Asterisk Modification, Installation & Configuration,
    • Trixbox,
    • FreePBX,
    • A2Billing,
    • vTiger CRM,
    • Predictive Dialer System (ViCiDialer) .

Evariste Systems

  • Web site: http://www.evaristesys.com
  • Knowledge base: http://www.evaristesys.com/workshop
  • VoIP FAQ: http://www.evaristesys.com/workshop/index.php/VoIP_FAQ
  • Contact: 678-954-0670 (or see contact form on web site)
  • Location: Atlanta, Georgia, USA
  • Services:
    • Kamailio (OpenSER) support & development (management advisory council member, official ASIPTO partner)
    • Large-scale Asterisk deployments.
    • SIP service delivery platform engineering.
    • IP network engineering.
    • VoIP contact centers.
    • QoS.
    • VoIP application integration.
    • Telecommunications operational support systems.
    • Billing, rating, & least cost routing.
    • Cisco voice gateways.
    • SIP trunking.
    • Private VoIP peering/settlement.
    • Fax to email.

IDV - Intelligent Data & Voice

  • Web site: http://www.idv.net/
  • Telephone: US 1-888-737-1001
  • Email: sales (at) idv (dot) net
  • Info: IDV offers consulting on SIP/SER, SER/Cisco and SER/Asterisk integration. We specialize in custom solutions including custom SER or Asterisk modules, and provisioning systems.

Integrics Ltd

Business software integration consultancy. Specialists in Asterisk, SER, Cisco Call Manager, IVRs, and PBX integration, including billing, redundancy, conferencing.
  • Web site: http://integrics.com/
  • Telephone: UK 0808 178 3170, USA 1-888-INT-E111, Rest of world +44 20 799 39 799, sip:sales@sip.integrics.com
  • Email: sales (at) integrics (dot) com

Lintel Technologies Pvt. Ltd. ( INDIA )

  • Email:hinal@lintelindia.com
  • Phone:+91 9898396969

  • Email:godson@lintelindia.com
  • Phone:+91 9246461828

Linuxcare Canada (Vancouver Canada)

  • http://www.linuxcare.ca
  • Email: contact@linuxcare.ca
  • Phone: 604.518.6695
  • Linuxcare Canada offers linux consuling and support services for businesses. Specializing in Linux servers, Voice applications such as Asterisk and SIP Express Router, Desktop networking and linux security we support your network 24x7.

FiveWall (china)

  • NanDun Road,NO.13
  • Torch Development Zone, Zhongshan City, Guangdong Province, P.R.China
  • Tel: +86 (760) 8288923
  • Email: fivewall@gmail.com

  • FiveWall providing SIP Express Router Embedded Systems with 16M DOM flash disk,support ser nathelp,dbtext etc.
  • web based configuration
  • just boot and run
  • WAN support PPPOE
  • Dyndns client

Infradapt (USA)

  • http://www.infradapt.com
  • contact@infradapt.com
  • Phone: 1.484.546.2000 - Fax: 1.484.546.0296
  • Toll-free: 1.800.394.2301
  • VoIP Infrastructure Solutions: Asterisk, SER, Cisco Call Manager, Avaya, Polycom, others.
  • Infradapt is a full-service technology consultancy offering a variety of services that include network architecture, project and systems implementation, outsourced technical support, and software development. National service, offices in Eastern PA, New York, New Jersey.

Motile (Australia)

  • Web site: http://www.motile.net
  • Email: asterisk@motile.net
  • Install, configure SER platforms
  • High availability, load balancing, NAT traversal
  • Call centre design
  • Integration with Asterisk PBX

Netdigix Systems (Vancouver Canada)

  • http://www.netdigix.net
  • Email: contact@netdigix.com
  • Phone: 604.518.6695
  • Networking and Systems design, setup and support of linux. Advanced networks and backend solutions including routers, switches, vpns, loadbalancing, voice applications such as Asterisk, ser/sip, firewalls and high availability hosting architectures.

Oralnet - (UK)

Oralnet provides enterprise level solutions, both turnkey and bespoke, in many fields, including:
  • High-availability / Resilient infrastructures
  • Multi-lateral peering - Global solutions
  • NAT traversal / Media proxies
  • Convergence and Integration (Asterisk, Cisco, H323 etc)
  • IM/XMPP/video
  • CDR / Billing
  • Support and SLA's
  • Information Security Policy design
  • Business Process Engineering
  • Project Management

Suntel Communications

Suntel Communications specialises in Linux based hardware sales, corporate and telco Linux deployments, billing systems and Call Centre networks. Based in Istanbul Suntel has customers dedicated inhouse programmers as well as in the field consultants serving happy customers in South East Asia, Iraq, Cyprus, North Africa and throughout Turkey.


  • Web site: http://www.telesip.net/
  • E-mail: info@telesip.net
  • sip:1000@maui.telesip.net
  • Install and Configure SER Platforms.
  • SER Integration with other platforms such as Asterisk.

Techselesta Inc.

  • Web site:http://www.techselesta.com/
  • E-mail: contact@techselesta.com
  • Phone US: (212) 400-7609
  • Phone Canada: (416) 628-9334 & (514) 907-2599
  • Phone Germany: 201 426 38865 & 89 420 957472
  • Phone Romania: (332) 810-617 or Verde: (808) 790-733
  • Calling Cards
  • IVR
  • Text 2 Speech
  • Conferencing
  • Chat Rooms
  • Voicemail
  • VoIP Billing
  • Custom AGI Development
  • Calling Center (custom queues)
  • Paid-Per-Call numbers (US & Canada)

Troop Software (New Delhi, India)

Troop Software VOIP Consulting and Implementation service provides the vital tools, expertise, and resources needed to integrate and implement your customized IP Telephony solutions. Service Offerings:

- Consulting & Implementation - OpenSER, mediaproxy, rtpproxy, SEMS, Asterisk, A2billing, SIPX, Radius
- VOIP Application Development & Maintenance for Service Providers
- Custom Software/Database/CRM Integration
- IT Management and Support Services.

Contact: Hargobind Singh
Telephone: +91 120 4061100
Home page: http://www.troopsoftware.com
Email: info@troopsoftware.com

Voice System SRL

  • Web site: http://www.voice-system.ro
  • Team includes core developers of OpenSER and SER
  • Enterprise SER Platform (ESP)
  • Remote NAT traversal system (VNT-10)
  • SIP PrePaid system (VPS-43)
  • High availability, distribution and load balancing, NAT traversal
  • Directly involved from the beginning in SER development (core and modules), Voice System SRL provides consultancy and development for SER-based VoIP infrastructures


  • Web site: http://www.computacenter.de
  • Email: harald.klein@computacenter.com
  • Carrier Grade VoIP Solutions
  • Infrastructure VoIP Solutions
  • Computacenter is Europe’s leading independent provider of IT infrastructure services. To help our customers maximise the value of IT to their businesses, we offer services at every stage of infrastructure investment.

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