SIP Reality

SIP Reality is a Las Vegas, NV. company dedicated to SIP based software solutions for service providers at affordable prices, so even the "little guy" can compete in the VoIP market place, without sacrifice of features and functionality.

SIP Reality has just introduced it's flagship product, Totally SIP. A complete carrier grade SIP hybrid cross between a B2BUA, and a Softswitch. With all the features of the more expensive (Over $100,000) solutions, plus the introduction of some unique features (see below), giving the service provider, regardless of size a completive edge over the currently deployed competition. A companion provisioning server product, allows any SIP device that can be configured via HTTP, HTTPS, or TFTP, to be provisioned automatically from the subscriber database, thus eliminate the need to somehow generate configuration files for the subscriber's devices, to make a complete "turnkey" system.

Currently the product is in the pre-release phase, allowing for quick turnaround of new feature requests, without waiting for a new release cycle, so that the frozen first official public release will take into account as many business models as possible. SIP Reality is currently accepting a limited number of pre-release customers, passing on major discounts from the normal product price, as well as extending first years support timer to not start until the actual release date.

Some unique features are:

  • Symmetric Server Clustering, which allows multiple servers either at the same location, or remote locations to act as a single server, sharing subscriber registrations, Dynamic gateway registrations, call limit locks, active call info, and RTP proxy information, allowing for limitless expansion.

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