SIP SS7 gateways

SIP <-> SS7 Gateways

SS7 (or C7) is the main signalling for PSTN interconnections. How do we interface between a SS7 network and a SIP network?
  • Introduction to SS7 Signaling - This free tutorial provides an overview of Signaling System No. 7 network architecture and protocols.
  • SIP to SS7 Gateway from Terratel The signaling converter allows to combine systems that use different signaling protocols (SS7, PRI EDSS1, V5.2, V5.1, R2D, CAS, SIP) into a unified telecommunications network. Effective integration TDM to NGN and IMS networks.
  • SIP Network to SS7 Interconnection This scalable solution provides interworking between SIP and SS7 at one or multiple points of presence.
  • SmartNode 10k SIP-SS7 Gateways from Patton scale from 120 to 32,000 calls. Offers T1/E1, DS3, and STM-1 interfaces and connects your SS7 edge, core and peer zones with emerging H.323 and SIP networks to facilitate your long-term migration plans.
  • R&R Managed Telecom Services fully hosted solutions for ISUP-SIP conversion from T1/E1 to STM4/OC12 capacities. Instant turn up, support of national ISUP variants and SIP-I /SIP-T with choice of any codec, including HD codecs such as G.722, Speex and OPUS.
  • SS7 to SIP Solutions Scalable SS7 to SIP Signaling Gateway Solutions from Teleprime Advanced Communications Division
  • Cosmos SS7-SIP Gateway Turn-key, high performance SS7/C7 solution from Cosmact. Scales from 1E1 to 64E1 per chassis. Supports single point code across multiple chassis. Flexible built in routing/digit manipulation rules for SS7/SIP conversion.
  • Verisign offers a SIP to SS7 interconnection service.
  • SS7/SIGTRAN SIP access service available at: The Voice Peering Fabric.
  • Dialogic has an integrated media and signalling VoIP gateway that supports SS7, PRI and CAS for PSTN with SIP and H.323 for IP. IMG1010. Dialogic BorderNet 500 Gateways Provides flexibility in connecting to a wide variety of services and equipment, including SIP trunks, PSTN trunks, and legacy, hybrid, and IP PBXs.
  • SIP SS7 Gateway - Squire Technologies' media gateway provides full call control routing and supports SIP, H.323, MGCP, H.248 and SS7, PRI ISDN, CAS, R2 + see more SS7 VoIP Case Studies
  • Simmortel SIP Gateway: SS7 Affordable Gateway Solution built on Sangoma Cards. Scalable and Redundant SS7 architecture. 480+ concurrent calls. Mail:
  • Topex Eones Topex Eones offers seamless migration path from legacy TDM networks (SS7, ISDN) to VoIP networks(SIP&H.323), with a maximum capacity of 300 simultaneous calls( 10 E1 to 300 VoIP calls ).
  • OpenCloud Inter-Network Gateways - IP to IN and IN to IP translators



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