SIP Symbian client ver 5.059 brings 'Call & SMS auto-capture'

The team at TriumTeLe, a leading provider of mobile Voice Over Internet Protocol- mVoIP, are happy to announce the launch of its new feature for VoIP technologies for Symbian s60 and s90 mobile devices. That’s right; the SIP Symbian client ver 5.059 can now be downloaded, making mobile VoIP a reality and easy to use choosing between WIFI or 3G, automatic dial plan and calling routs. TriumTeLe new client version can be configured to capture your mobile call and transfer it automatically via VoIP if connection available via WiFi or 3G. Same is with SMS, send messages internationally or local in very low rates. All members have to do is install free software and, as long as they have WiFi or 3G cellular Data access, they will be able to enjoy low cost calls on their mobile, which is especially useful when roaming abroad.

Presently there are a few other VoIP providers who are offering mobile VoIP, but it is only accessible for very limited Nokia models which have integrated SIP internet telephony, support iPhone via WiFi only or lagging the call to distance server to convert it to SIP. However, unlike other VoIP providers, TriumTeLe can support all kinds of Nokia Symbian s60/s90 phones, iPhone, Android and WM.

The company mobile clients are fully SIP compatible supporting the latest codec as G729 to deliver an unparalleled crystal-clear voice quality even in narrow bandwidth. The S60 and S90 added to the iPhone are becoming increasingly attractive, as it offers mobile users an accessible and innovative user interface, as well as facilitating the development of fascinating applications whilst optimizing performance. And now Symbian OS users will be able to experience the same high quality, with all the features and applications of Symbian and iPhone models, at a reduced rate by taking advantage of unique service.

This means that all s60/s90, iPhone and 2nd generation iPod users can enjoy all of the benefits offered by These include free calls to all other members, whether this is to their mobiles or via their PC. TeLe'rs can also make calls to any land line or mobile world wide. And, when there is a charge, these are drastically cheaper than all local mobile providers. Keep these fees down, charges by the second and not the minute, so calls are never rounded up. All this, and with no hidden set-up fees.

Members can connect to this service via Wi-Fi, at home, at the office or at WiFi hotspots, such as cafes and hotels or use 3G cellular data while on the road. also uses 3G mobile networks to transmit VoIP, which means that millions of people world-wide can take advantage of VoIP technology whilst experiencing the independence a mobile phone can provide.
The team can also promise that they will do their best to provide global MVNO 2.0 based on VoIP technology, which will include on-line multi-level billing and an on-line secured payment system. Thus, they will bring the traditional PaBX features to mobile support IPcentrex soft-switch and class 5 telephony features. The clarity of the land line will be available in your pocket, yet without the restrictions. For example, the user has his mobile contact list and the ability to transfer mobile calls and more.

Mr. Granit, the founder of claims to be able to “improve the way people use telecommunications, no matter where they are and no matter where they need to call”. They may not have reached all mobile phone users yet, however they have certainly bridged the gap between mobile platforms and VoIP services.
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