SIP mwi

Message Waiting notifications in SIP are done with the notify method.

This is supported by:

The mailbox directive in the sip.conf needs to be set and pointing to the correct context for this to work (example: "mailbox=1234@context").

The 480i, 9133i, 9112i, 480i CT Cordless phones need RFC3842 compliant From: headers in the NOTIFY for MWI to work. In some Asterisk setups, <sip:@> is sent, and this causes the message to be discarded. One reason for this can be an empty callerid= line in sip.conf. In such cases, a workaround is to put fromuser=sipphone (or any string) in sip.conf for any user with a mailbox. Use Asterisk 1.0.4 or later to avoid MWI-issues.

See also

  • RFC 3842: A Message Summary and Message Waiting Indication Event Package for the Session Initiation Protocol (SIP)
  • MWI
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  • PBX features
  • RFC 3265: SIP-Specific Event Notification

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