SIP registrar server

SIP Registry server

From the SIP RFC:

Registrar: A registrar is a server that accepts REGISTER requests and places the information it receives in those requests into the location service for the domain it handles.

SIP offers a discovery capability. If a user wants to initiate a session with another user, SIP must discover the current host(s) at which the destination user is reachable. This discovery process is frequently accomplished by SIP network elements such as proxy servers and redirect servers which are responsible for receiving a request, determining where to send it based on knowledge of the location of the user, and then sending it there. To do this, SIP network elements consult an abstract service known as a location service, which provides address bindings for a particular domain.

These address bindings map an incoming SIP or SIPS URI,, for example, to one or more URIs that are somehow "closer" to the desired user,, for example.

Ultimately, a proxy will consult a location service that maps a received URI to the user agent(s) at which the desired recipient is currently residing.

Multicast discovery of SIP Registrar

A UA can be configured to use multicast. Multicast registrations are addressed to the well-known “all SIP servers” multicast address “” ( for IPv4).

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