SIP simple

SIMPLE is the SIP package for Presence and Instant messaging. It's defined by the IETF and used in the IMS platform defined by the 3gpp forum.

From the SIMPLE IETF Working group charter:

This working group focuses on the application of the Session Initiation Protocol (SIP, RFC 3261) to the suite of services collectively known as instant messaging and presence (IMP). The IETF has committed to producing an interoperable standard for these services compliant to the requirements for IM outlined in RFC 2779 (including the security and privacy requirements there) and in the Common Presence and Instant Messaging ( CPIM ) specification, developed within the IMPP working group. As the most common services for which SIP is used share quite a bit in common with IMP, the adaptation of SIP to IMP seems a natural choice given the widespread support for (and relative maturity of) the SIP standard.

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