SIP tools

Various SIP tools

Sip debugging and testing

  • SIPsak: The swiss army knife
  • PlaySIP: Recording a SIP media stream
  • VoIP Recorder: Monitor and Recording SIP media streams.

SIP Server tools

  • Load balancer: SIP Server load balancer

SIP development tools

sip.conf convertion tool

A simple Perl tool that converts sip data to useful format. Output data is suitable for import into databases. This tool should / could have many other uses. Download includes: script, 2 - readme files, sample before sip data & sample output data.

Sample output data:

user_name=vac,password=vac,company_name=Van Abel.Com,account_number=3032493855,accountcode=800-44-1,billable=N
user_name=vac,password=vac,company_name=Van Abel.Com,account_number=4154621573,accountcode=02,billable=Y

SIP clients

SIP Phones are listed on the home page

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