Voice over IP for everyone

I What is Voice over Internet Protocol?

Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP) means that voice data are not transmitted via telephone cables as they are with conventional telephones but via the computer network. To achieve this, SIPPSTAR uses modern SIP communication protocol and compression methods that ensure excellent speech quality – just like a normal telephone.

Calls to persons outside the company network using the SIPPSTAR IP PBX are still done either via the ISDN base connection or the primary multiplex connection and employees can still be reached at the same numbers.
Alternatively, it is also possible to make calls to both fixed-line and cellular networks very cheaply via gateway services. You can find out more about this in paragraph 2.
You can, of course, also make free calls via the Internet to other users of SIP-compatible devices.

Smooth migration to the SIPPSTAR IP PBX
Users do not need to change their working habits or require training to use the SIPPSTAR IP PBX. This is because of the large range of SIP-compatible end devices available:

 The conventional telephone
Many SIP telephones are practically identical with normal end devices and can be used in exactly the same way. Users will hardly notice that they are not calling with a normal telephone.

 Software – telephones
An increasing number of employees work all day at the computer and for these people a software telephone is the ideal solution. Softphones can be installed at the computer workstation and offer a much wider range of functions than conventional telephones. Speech is either entered by means of a comfortable headset or via a USB telephone connected to the computer, allowing the user to make calls in the usual way.

Ahead Software offers the SIPPS telephony software for companies. These softphones are equipped with all the functions that are useful in the everyday business world; starting with an easy-to-use contact management that includes an address book right through to call recording options.
Conventional analog telephones
Analog telephones can be connected to the Voice over IP PBX via an analog-digital adaptor.

II The benefits of SIPPSTAR Voice over IP

Compared with a conventional system, the SIPPSTAR IP PBX offers you a whole range of additional benefits:

 One single network for both data and speech
One single network for both data and speech means less investment and telephone cables do not need to be installed. Time spent on administration is also cut to a minimum and an IP network is simpler as well as cheaper to maintain or expand than a telephone network.

 Make your calls for free
Phone calls made within the IP network do not cost you a thing –regardless of the distance between the two callers. This is especially beneficial for companies with several branches – when various branch offices communicate via a Virtual Private Network (VPN), the calls are safe, reliable and free of charge.

 Workplace Roaming
A correctly configured Voice over IP end device logs itself on to the SIPPSTAR PBX as soon as it is connected to the network. The system then associates the device with the defined telephone number. This means that the person using the device can always be reached at the same number, no matter where he or she logs on. This is especially useful in the following cases:

o Home Office
Users who log on to the SIPPSTAR IP PBX from home offices are still available to customers and colleagues at the usual number. Outward calls are directed through the company telephone line, which means that the customer cannot ascertain from where the user is phoning.

o External connection / Cheap calls on business trips
Similar to the home office situation, sales representatives and employees on business trips can also log on to the system. This again helps in cutting costs because WLAN hotspots are becoming increasingly common in airports, railway stations and other public places. An Internet connection in a hotel is also a much cheaper option than conventional phoning.

 Scalability
Internal calls can be made via the existing data network. The difference between this and, e.g. ISDN systems is that ISDN buses for calls within the company are no longer necessary. With the SIPPSTAR IP PBX you can make as many calls as you like via the data network.

It is a simple matter to expand the PBX. Additional devices can be connected by extending the existing license. The integrated gateway server can connect with ISDN cards to phone into the local network. If additional B channels are needed, extra ISDN cards can also be called on.

 Cheap calls via the worldwide fixed-line and cellular networks
Internet telephony has an enormous cost-cutting potential when making international calls via both fixed-line and cellular networks. This is made possible by gateway services. These services have gateways set up in all the important centers of the world that operate as translators between VoIP signals and conventional telephone signals. They only use the conventional network for the final stretch, making long-distance calls incredibly cheap.

 Low total cost of ownership
The total cost of ownership, i.e. the total cost of the investment plus running costs, is very low with the SIPPSTAR IP PBX.
Reasons for the extremely low costs incurred through the SIPPSTAR IP PBX are:

o Convergent networks
One network for both data and speech

o Low administration cost
If an employee has moved workplace it is not necessary to change anything at all. The user simply connects his telephone at his new workplace and can immediately be reached at the usual number. Updates and changes can be managed centrally and there is no need to manually configure individual devices.

o Low investment
The SIPPSTAR IP PBX runs extremely economically on one single workplace PC. One PBX for a company of 15 people including hardware and 15 high quality end devices is available for under €4200.

III Summary of functions

User database
The user database includes a list of all users who have the right to telephone via the SIPPSTAR PBX. If necessary, it is also possible to authenticate this by means of user names and passwords.

Graphic administration desktop
The configuration of all settings and functions is carried out on a clearly designed configuration desktop.

Extensions and Nicknames for registered users
Registered users of the SIPPSTAR IP PBX can be reached via their allotted extension numbers and nicknames (e.g. they can be identical to their email addresses).

Groups and group functions
With just a few clicks it is possible to collate various users into groups. The following functions can be allocated to groups:

 Call pick up within the group
The “call pick up” function allows members of the same group to take calls directed to another group member’s telephone.

 Allocation of telephone numbers to groups
A group can have telephone numbers allocated to it and various patterns can be defined.
- An incoming call causes all phones to ring simultaneously
- An incoming call causes the phone to ring that has not rung for the
longest time.
- An incoming call causes phones to ring in a manually defined order.

Central answerphone server
The SIPPSTAR IP PBX includes an answerphone server. This server can accept calls if a user is absent or has not taken a call after a certain time. The administrator decides whether a user is allowed to use the central answerphone.
Recorded messages are sent by email and email addresses can be defined for each user.

ISDN gateway server
The integrated ISDN gateway server makes it possible to use an ISDN card as a gateway into the local telephone network. The gateway server functions with multi-device, PBX and primary multiplex connections.

Summary of products

The SIPPSTAR IP PBX is available in two versions. Both systems are equipped with the same functions and the only differences are the number of users that can be logged on to the same system simultaneously and the options concerning the use of the database.

The SIPPSTAR IP PBX S35 is the system for small and smaller medium-sized companies.

Maximum number of simultaneous users: 35
Supported operating systems: Windows 2000, Windows XP, Linux
Database under Windows: JET database
Database under Linux: My SQL

The SIPPSTAR IP PBX XL is freely scalable; there is no limit to the number of simultaneous users.
The various components of the PBX can be run on various computers, in order to share the workload.

Maximum number of simultaneous users: unlimited
Supported operating systems: Windows 2000, Windows XP, Linux
Database under Windows: JET database;
optional MS SQL server
Database under Linux: My SQL

Multi-location package
In the case of companies operating from various locations that wish to have a SIPPSTAR IP PBX at each location (e.g. in order to be able to use a local gateway at each location) it is worth networking these systems with our multi-location package.
This package equips each of the SIPPSTAR IP PBX systems with the intelligence to recognize whether the other systems are running correctly. If any one of the systems is overloaded or defective in any way, the workload can be distributed to the others without the entire system being overloaded.

Package of 10 server licenses
Server licenses are available in packages of ten for both types of SIPPSTAR IP PBX systems. This allows the number of simultaneously logged on users to be raised accordingly.

Support and training

IP telephony is a technology that is just starting to find its feet commercially.
Ever since the last stumbling blocks that stood in the way of its efficient and
economical use have been overcome, companies of all sizes have shown
increasing interest in using this modern technology with all its benefits.

This poses completely new tasks and challenges for systems integrators and IT experts.
We at Ahead Software will be happy to assist you in taking the first steps with this new technology and for this reason we are at your service to answer any questions you may have in this regard.

On request, we are also happy to offer seminars and short training sessions to give you an idea of the way the SIPPSTAR IP PBX works and to pinpoint the most important customer questions.

Just contact us! We look forward to hearing from you for an interesting talk.

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