Sipura SPA-2000 devices

Sipura Phone Adapters (SPA-2000) connect standard telephones and fax machines to IP-based data networks. IP telephony service providers and enterprises can offer users traditional and enhanced communication services via the customers? broadband connection to the Internet or local area network (LAN).

Partial Feature List:
  • codec support: G.711 A-law, G.711 u-law, G.726, G.729a+b
  • VoIP protocols supported: SIPv2
  • SIP features: call hold, call waiting, Caller ID indication
  • Two RJ-11 ports
  • One 10/100 Ethernet port for broadband access and corporate LAN

(There used to be a product page link here; it no longer works, mostly because Sipura was acquired by Linksys/Cisco, and it's end of life.)

Limited CPU means limited compression

If you want to use a compressed codec to save on bandwidth (G.726 or G.729) the SPA-2000 doesn't have enough computing power to compress two phone calls at the same time. So you are limited to one compressed call and one uncompressed (G.711 codec) at the same time. The improved SPA-2002 does not have this limitation.

To upgrade the firmware via tftp

  • put the spa.bin file in your tftp server directory
  • on the Sipura provision page set "Upgrade enable" to "yes"
  • using a browser on the tftp server - http://sipura-ip-address/upgrade?/pathname/spa.bin (for example:
  • the Sipura will display a page explaining that the upgrade is in progress

Distinctive rings

  • Set variable ALERT_INFO to change the ring cadences that Asterisk asks the SPA-2000 to play. Example:

  • exten => 5555,1,SetVar(_ALERT_INFO=Bellcore-r7) ; possible values are Bellcore-r1 to Bellcore-r8
  • exten => 5555,2,Dial(Sip/5555)

Be careful of the spelling of Bellcore-rX. It took me two hours before I realized I had written Bellcore-dr3 instead of Bellcore-r3.

Under Asterisk 1.6, you will want this command:

SIPAddHeader(Alert-Info: Bellcore-r4);

Custom Ring Cadences

You can customise the ring cadences in the regional menu of your SPA-2000. For example to produce rings for the UK these settings were created by David_W and posted at

Following BT SIN 350 issue 1.2

  • Dial tone: (current wizard levels wrong - 440Hz should be 3dB down) 350@-19,440@-22;10(*/0/1+2)
  • Ring back: (current wizard is correct) 400@-20,450@-20;*(.4/.2/1+2,.4/2/1+2)
  • Busy tone: (current wizard has the cadence slightly wrong) 400@-20;10(.375/.375/1)
  • Reorder tone: 400@-20;10(*/0/1)
  • SIT 1 tone: 950@-16,1400@-16,1800@-16;20(.330/0/1,.330/0/2,.330/0/3,0/1/0)
  • MWI dial tone: 350@-19,440@-22;10(.75/.75/1+2)
  • CWT1 cadence: 30(.1/2)
  • CWT2 cadence: 30(.25/.25,.25/.25,.25/5)
  • CWT frequency: 400@-10

Following BT SIN 351 issue 4.2

  • Ring 1 cadence: 60(.4/.2,.4/2)
  • Ring 2 cadence (used for BT Call Sign): 60(1/2)
  • Ring 3 cadence (used for BT Ring Back): 60(.25/.25,.25/.25,.25/1.75)
  • Ring 4 cadence: 60(.4/.8)
  • Ring 5 cadence:60(2/4)

FXS impedence settings

  • 600 for the US
  • 370+620||310nF for the UK
  • CTR21 270+750||150nF for most of Europe


Sipura has excellent documentation for configuration and provisioning of their equipment.
This documentation is only available to Service Providers, however most people will find it near to impossbile even if they are a legit provider. Please see for 2nd party downloads of these same exact utilities.

Please contact if you need this information.

The Sipura SPA User's guide (PDF) is available from the Sipura site. It has information for the 1000, 2000, and 3000.

SPA2000 Review


The Linksys PAP2 and PAP2-NA are very similar products that contain Sipura written firmware.
  • The PAP2-NA has the same processing power limitation as the SPA-2000 described above. It can only handle one compressed call at a time. If you want to make two calls then one of them must be uncompressed.
  • The PAP2-NA can be purchased from DeployVoip!


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