SIPfish Inc. is a VoIP technology company based in San Francisco, California. Its primary product is the SIPfish Voice-Recorder appliance, which can passively records calls on almost any VoIP installation.

Voice-Recorder Features

  • Passive recording puts no additional load on the PBX
  • Record up to 300 extensions with a 1U appliance
  • Rate calls on a five-star scale as you listen
  • Leave a note on a call for future reference
  • All calls are stored in a searchable database, indexed on extension, agent name, contact number, contact name, date and time, duration, manager rating, and notes.
  • Run reports to analyze call volume
  • RESTful web API to allow integration with existing systems
  • Manager logins that allow a user to see only the calls of their direct-reports
  • Agent logins that allow a user to see only their own calls
  • Optional automatic deletion of old calls

Voice-Recorder Models

All models of the Voice-Recorder include a fully-featured web application. There are three models of the SIPfish Voice-Recorder:

  • Records up to 15 extensions
  • Stores up to 4 million minutes of recorded conversations

  • Records between 25 and 50 extensions
  • Stores up to 8.6 million minutes of recorded conversations

  • Records between 50 and 300 extensions
  • Stores up to 37 million minutes of recorded conversations
  • Cluster installations allow for recording of thousands of extensions

Voice-Recorder System Requirements

Because the SIPfish Voice-Recorder is built around the industry-standard Session Initiation Protocol (SIP), it integrates seamlessly with most VoIP installations. The SIPfish Voice-Recorder has been tested on a wide range of audio codecs including:
  • G711U
  • G711A
  • G722
  • G729
  • G729A
  • GSM


Telephone: (800) 209-9490

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