SMARTech Corp

From one-man web hosting to enterprise-level business intelligence consultation, and from the simplest VoIP needs to the most complex PBX system requirements - for over ten years, SMARTech Corp. has been providing innovation through our one-stop data center services guaranteeing personalized smart solutions for all of your IT needs.

“In the past, our Call Centers have required fundamental re-configurations - ASAP. And, the airnet Call Center team has consistently responded with day-of, or next-day solutions that have enabled us to do business faster & smoother than ever before.”
CellularSales of Knoxville, INC.

While primarily an innovator in data-centric “Outbound” calling applications (smartCall Center), airnet has also worked extensively in the arena of robust inbound/outbound office PBX solutions.
As experienced developers well-versed in the world of Asterisk, airnet’s expert VoIP technicians have designed and implemented custom VoIP systems for leading Call Centers around the U.S.


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