SMS Service in the USA

The cmd sms in Asterisk seems to rely on standard gateway services provided in each country.

In research the use of this functionality in the US I have been unable to concretely identify a method to mirror the use shown for Europe.

Here is some information I was able to find.

''Either ask your ISDN provider if they provide multi-operator SMS routing (probably as D channel messaging). Or contact directly the mobile operator(s) you want to send SMS to. They may provide ISDN (probably as data over B chan) access to their SMSC.

Other ways of submitting SMSs to SMS-C are mostly :
- through X25 (which itself might be available as leased line, dial-up, B-chan ISDN or D-chan ISDN).
- through IP
- through dial-up
- using a handset connected to a serial port (easy and cheap!)
- using an SMS broker, such as Netsize in Europe, for instance.

Note that in most countries, direct interconnect with SMS-C (X25/IP) are usually meant for large account (SMS brokers, for instance).

Nicolas Bougues
Axialys Interactive''

Some new information:
The SMSC number for Cingular is 14047259015. I haven't been able to test it yet, though.

They appear to have changed this number to "+14047259000"

If any one can add details or have a working implementation/configuration using cmd sms or similar in the US, please post the details here.

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