Sipura SPA-841 (Discontinued)

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Medium cost SIP phone MSRP $100


  • Two (or four) independently configurable line appearances / extensions.
  • High resolution pixel-based display (no backlit).
  • Speakerphone.
  • Headset jack and message waiting indicator with a dedicated message retrieval button.
  • Single RJ45 jack.
  • QOS diffserv setting.

Via an intuitive, easy to operate user interface, the SPA-841 supports,
do-not-disturb, call hold, transfer (blind + consultative), three party
conferencing and more. A personal directory, call logs for made, received
and missed calls and speed dialing is supported. On-hook and off-hook
dialing, directory dialing with name and number matching is also supported.

2 lines by default, 2 more with additional license purchase (USD$30 as of 24 Apr 2005)

They are a decent phone for the money and are probably better than Grandstream, Uniden and maybe even low-end Polycom Phones.



So far drawbacks include:
-keypad: it's very "rubbery" (it may hold back liquids.
-dim display
-no POE
-poor transmitted audio quality

Still a very nice phone for the money. It has a ton of configuration optiona a la Sipura, and it feels very solid and the sound is good (and quite loud).

Almost certainly Sipura will be a major phone contender in the future. High-quality inexpensive sets.

Notes and update:

one of the comments says that Grandstream is a better choice because of the buttons, I didn't yet have a chance to test a SPA-841 phone, and I did test the GS BT102, by the feature listing I don't think that the GS is better:
1. The buttons are very bad on the GS as well. On IRC some ppl were saying it's not so bad on the SPA-841.
2. The 2/4 Line Apcearances makes it a very attractive phone, even without the Dual RJ45, and without the POE.
3, The GS only gives you 10Mbps on the dual interface, and doesn't have POE, so it's only the Dual RJ45 that the GS is better, COMPUSA sells an 8 port 100 Mbps hub for under $20.
When I asked Sipura about thier plans:
I asked:
I would like to know if the SPA-841 supports:

1. Power Over Ethernet?
2. QOS? and if it does, Which type?
3. Dual Ehternet?


This is what I got in response:

(1) currently no, but it is in the roadmap. No dates
(2) we support diffserv setting, so you can adjust the TOS bit
(3) currently no, but it is in the roadmap. No dates

-Sipura Support

Distinctive rings

Like the Sipura SPA-2000, the SPA-841 supports distinctive ring by setting the variable ALERT_INFO. However, instead of using Bellcore-r1 through Bellcore-r8, use the names that you find in the phone's "Ring Tone" setup. For example:

exten => 100,1,SetVar(ALERT_INFO=Classic-4)

Beware that firmware prior to 0.9.5 exhibits an off-by-one error. For example, if you want to ring "Classic-1" in an older firmware then you have to use "Classic-2". This bug has been corrected in version 0.9.5.

Starting with firmware version 0.9.1, the phones support custom ringtones that you can upload to the phone. You can download the new firmware, along with the ringtone software, from the Sipura Support page.

STUN Bug in 0.91 Firmware

There is a bug in the current 0.91 firmware which makes STUN unusable. If you select STUN and a valid STUN server, your phone will no longer ring audibily and if you pickup based on seeing the red ringing indicator you will have no audio. This is expected to be fixed in the next firmware per Sipura Support.

Auto-answer (Updated 2005-05-21)

Firmware version 0.9.5 supports auto-answer via the Call-Info header. As of version 1.0.4, Asterisk stable branch does not ship with support for this header, but here is a uuencoded patch made against 1.0.4 that implements Call-Info support from the dial plan.

Update 2005-05-21
With latest CVS of Asterisk, you may use the application SIPAddHeader to add the 'Call-Info' header to the SIP Invite message. To have the unit answering the call after 0 ring (immediately), call the application SIPAddHeader with the following arguments: "Call-Info:\;answer-after=0)". For example:

exten => 100,1,SIPAddHeader(Call-Info:\;answer-after=0)

Open questions

  • How exactly do the triple-colour LEDs work?
  • Is there support for the hint extension like with the SNOM?
  • a 'page' option is available in the settings, does anyone know how to make this work?



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