Linksys SPA921

Low cost SIP phone costing usually $119.95
Availability: Now Available


  • One line appearance / extension.
  • High resolution pixel-based display, larger than SPA-841, (SPA921 has no backlight)
  • Speakerphone
  • Styled to look like and feel like a Cisco phone
  • Wireless networking option WBP54G
  • SPA922 is the same phone but has Dual 100mbit Ethernet with POE and backlit LCD



Quick compare Linksys/Sipura Devices (to the SPA941)

  • SPA901
    • 1 Line
    • No display
  • SPA921
    • Same exterior as the SPA941
    • 1 Line (2 Line Appearances)
    • DC Power Supply
  • SPA922
    • Same exterior as the SPA941
    • No line buttons!
    • 1 Line (2 Line Appearances)
    • Dual Ethernet (100BaseT, 10mbit or 100mbit)
    • PoE (802.3af) or DC Power Supply
  • SPA941
    • Cisco feel, rebrand/upgrade of the Sipura SPA-841
    • 2 or 4 Lines (Two line appearances per line) (Upgrade charge for 4 lines)
    • 4 Line Keys
    • Graphical Display
    • DC Power Supply
  • SPA942
    • Same exterior as the SPA941
    • 2 or 4 Lines (Two line appearances per line) (Upgrade charge for 4 lines)
    • Dual Ethernet (100BaseT, 10mbit or 100mbit)
    • PoE (802.3af) or DC Power Supply
    • Backlit Display

Behind NAT configuration (for home use)

Required settings are:
  • SIP tab
    • Substitute VIA Addr: yes
    • STUN Enable: yes
    • STUN Server: <STUN host name or ip>
  • Ext 1 tab
    • NAT Mapping Enable: yes

Bugs, Tweaks, Feature Requests

  • Firmware Version Number
    • MAJOR: (YYYY/MM/DD) Major Bug. A bug which completely prevents the phone from operating in a method that it normally is expected to operate — and particularly if it cannot be reasonably worked around — is MAJOR. Significant protocol violations are MAJOR. - yourname
    • MINOR: (YYYY/MM/DD) Minor Bug. A bug which is an irritation — but clearly is still a bug and not just wanting to see something behave differently — are MINOR bugs. - yourname
    • TWEAK: (YYYY/MM/DD) Tweaks. If you want to see something subtle changed on the device, that would be a TWEAK (e.g., if you have a good reason to move option x from Advanced Settings to Basic Settings). - yourname
    • FEATURE REQUEST: (YYYY/MM/DD) Feature Requests. Use for any new feature request or enhancement to existing features. - yourname
      • NOTE: (YYYY/MM/DD) Use for more information about an entry, or to respond to someone else's entry - yourname

  • Firmware 4.1.12a
    • MAJOR: (2006/07/14) LCD goes blank after period of inactivity when headset is connected. This is obviously a problem. When the phone does this, even if you power cycle it, the LCD still is blank, but the phone does function (dial tone upon picking up receiver), and the web interface works. Unplug the headset, power cycle the phone again, and LCD is functioning. Plug the headset back in, everything is fine, and a few hours later, blank screen. - Japendra

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