SS7 Protocol Converters and Gateways

Convert SS7 connections to other connection types (e.g. PRI) to make interconnecting SS7 networks and non-SS7 equipment possible.

Products and Services

  • SS7 TDM E1 ISDN R2 T1 Signaling/SIGTRAN gateways converters.
  • Aculab - GroomerII media and signalling gateways for IP and TDM protocol conversion
  • Aculab - ApplianX SIP to TDM gateways
  • AudioCodes Enhanced SS7 Termination Solutions
  • Cosmos SS7-SIP Gateway Turn-key, high performance SS7/C7 solution from Cosmact. Scales from 1E1 to 64E1 per chassis. Supports single point code across multiple chassis. Flexible built in routing/digit manipulation rules for SS7/SIP conversion.
  • Dialogic IMG1010 Any-to-Any gateway that supports both media, signaling and transcoding in a single chassis
  • Dialogic Integrated Media Gateway, IMG1010.
  • Cisco PGW-2200 SS7/C7 Solution
  • Excel Switching (now Dialogic ) SS7 Gateways and Service Development platforms
  • Janus Systems High-density SS7/ISDN/CAS/SIP Signaling Converter
  • OpenCloud IP to IN translator: provides protocol conversion of IMS SIP to an SS7 protocol, such as INAP and CAMEL Phase 3.
  • PATTON Electronics - Patton's SS7 gateways offer an alternative to the now EOL Cisco PGW 2200 SS7/C7 Solution. The SmartNode 10100 SS7 Media Gateway supports 128 to 256 calls to facilitate carrier-paced transition to all-IP architecture. , the carrier-grade SmartNode 10100 SS7 media gateway delivers streamlined convergence between TDM and SIP-over-IP telephony with SS7/sigtran protocol signaling, connectivity, and transcoding in one device. Supporting concurrent TDM POTS/ISDN and NGN VoIP protocols, Patton’s commercial-grade SN10K gateways connect traditional SS7 edge, core and peer zones with new-generation MEGACO and SIP networks. FMC - By supporting such mobile and IP vocoders as AMR, AMR-WB (G.722.2), GSM-FR/GSM-EFR, EVRC/QCELP, G.728, G.729eg, and iLBC, with independent dynamic codec selection per channel, the SN10K enables fixed-mobile convergence (FMC). VAS - Scaling from four T1/E1 trunks up to a full STM-1, SN10K solutions enable customized ringback, background audio, number spoofing, ads-for-minutes, and other value-added services (VAS). - The SmartNode 10200 SS7 Media Gateway supports 512 to 2,048 calls, Offering lowest operating costs in the industry for TDM-over-IP telephony with SS7/sigtran protocol signaling, connectivity, and transcoding in one device. - The SmartNode 10300 SS7 Media Gateway supports more than 32k calls. Scaling from 512 to 32,768 calls with the industry's lowest operating cost, the SmartNode 10300 VoIP Gateway is a multi-unit, carrier-grade TDM-over-IP SS7 media gateway that is 100% redundant for maximum reliability. The built-in sigtran SS7 protocol stack bridges voice traffic between the public switched telephone network (PSTN) and advanced SIP-over-IP networks Positioned in the network core or edge, SmartNode SS7 media gateways enable service providers to transition to SIP-over-IP VoIP telephony while maintaining the quality and the reliability of traditional TDM networks that use the SS7 Sigtran protocol.
  • RR Managed Telecom Services - Carrier-grade turn-key SS7 <-> VoIP service in Europe, Americas and Asia. Service is based on #1 leading Sonus Networks switches and is supported by global team 24/7. Zero capex way to do reliable SS7 interconnections.
  • Sangoma Asterisk SS7 Solution Scalable & Expandable Asterisk SS7 Solution. Telco Certified around the World. Support for 16E1+
  • SmartNode 10k SIP-SS7 Gateways from Patton scale from 120 to 32,000 calls. Offers T1/E1, DS3, and STM-1 interfaces and connects your SS7 edge, core and peer zones with emerging H.323 and SIP networks to facilitate your long-term migration plans.
  • Squire Technologies Cisco Alternative SS7 on Cisco Gateways + PAYG
  • Squire Technologies SS7 Signaling Experts, SS7 Gateways, Media Gateways, SS7 Termination, Protocol Converters (SS7, SIP, H.323, ISDN, SIGTRAN, MGCP, MEGACO, R2)
  • Sonus Networks Leading US-based manufacturer of carrier-grade and Enterprise-class SS7 gateways.
  • SS7/SIGTRAN over IP service available at: The Voice Peering Fabric.
  • Stillink Protocol Converters - Combined TDM (SS7, ISDN, V5.2, CAS) protocol converters and gateways
  • TelcoBridges - Carrier grade Media gateways (SS7, SigTran, ISDN, CAS, SIP, H.248/Megaco, H.323), signaling converters and development platforms.
  • Telesoft Technologies SS7 to SIP Gateways, Protocol converters
  • Teleprime Advanced Comm. Division SS7 CAS PRI SIP SIGTRAN Converters & Gateways
  • Telsis Intelligent Protocol Converter Telsis Ocean iPC - Intelligent Protocol Converter
  • TERRATEL SS7/SIP Gateway for upgrading telephone networks featuring multiple SS7 interfaces.
  • quintum gateways SS7 to sip or H323*
  • Topex Eones - signalling converter for 22 E1 connections or 330 voice channels (SS7, SIP, H323, SIGTRAN, R2, ISDN)
  • VCO/4k Summa Four / Cisco Virtual Central Office PRI plus SS7 scalable to 64/128/256 E1 either with PRI (EuroISDN) or SS7 (ITU-T or ANSI).

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