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Thomson ST2030

Frequently asked Questions about ST2030 (SIP+ASTERISK)

  1. If I issue asterisk -r -x 'restart when convenient' (with 1.2) the phones lamp stop working I need to reboot the phone to have them fixed. -A. Gallo
    • This is a problem with Asterisk, and occurs with other phones (such as SNOM).
    • Using V1.52.1 firmware, it is known that the BLF works again after a long delay (about 5 minutes?)
  2. I see "500 internal server error" inside asterisk logs when one of the st2030 of the LAN is ringing. -A. Gallo
    • Using latest ST2030 firmware and latest version of Asterisk, this error is not seen.
  3. Does anyone else phone say "Wrong Number!" after they dial? The call is still completed!
    • This was a problem previously and is fixed in latest firmware.
  4. What does the TrMail button do?
    • The TrMail button turns on or off the "transfer all calls to voice mail" mode.
    • This is similar to a Forward or Do-Not-Disturb, except that the destination must be set in the phone.
    • It can be convenient to use this feature to send calls to another number, such as a cell phone.
    • When activated, the LCD blinks "TrToVoiceMail...", and incoming calls will not ring, but are transferred to the number set in phone.
  5. What does the PickUP Button do?
    • It is supposed to allow a ringing call on another phone to be picked up by dialing that extension. It doesn't seem to work currently with Asterisk.
  6. Is there any way to disable the TrMail or PickUP buttons from the main idle screen menu?
    • Yes, in the web interface, under Advanced / Call Feature / Phone Operation - you can uncheck options to hide these buttons
  7. Is there a way to auto answer via headset when it's plugged in?
    • Yes, in the web interface, under Advanced / Advanced / Automatic Answer - you can select Headset and set # of seconds before answer
    • NOTE: This does not detect that the headset is present or not. Once enabled, it will always answer the call.
  8. Can I disable more user options via auto provisioning - would be great for call centre environments?
    • Yes, much of the LCD interface can now be disabled via Web or APS settings

Frequently asked Questions about ST2030 (SIP -or- MGCP)

  1. Do you have any clue about IPv6 support in ST2030? -tamarix
    • Currently the ST2030 does not support IPv6
    • Thomson: no plans to support IPv6 due to development cost
  2. Is the ST2030 compatible with different servers?
    • In SIP, it is interoperable with at least Alcatel OXE, Alcatel 5020, Asterisk, Broadsoft, Centile, Cirpack, M2Msoft, Netcentrex, Neuf Telecom, Nortel MCS5200, Nortel CS2K, Sylantro, Xoasis.
    • In MGCP, it is interoperable with at least Cirpack, Mosaica, Netcentrex, Sylantro.
  3. Does my ST2030 support the latest RFCs?
    • For SIP, supports RFC3261, RFC2976, RFC3263, RFC3264, RFC3265, RFC3311, RFC3665, RFC3725, as well as many others and IETF drafts.
    • For MGCP, supports RFC3435, RFC3660, RFC3149
  4. How can I restore my ST2030 factory defaults?
  5. What are the default user name and password to access my ST2030 web pages?
    • Access the url (where is IP address of phone)
    • Enter username: administrator
    • Enter passsword: 784518
  6. What voice codecs and quality of service features does it support?
    • Codecs supported: G.711U, G.711A, G.723_63, G.729AB
    • Codec priority, Packetization length, Jitter buffer (fixed & adaptive) can be adjusted
    • Also supported: ToS Diffserv, 802.1p/Q, VAD, CNG, Packet Loss Compensation
  7. What languages are available for the user LCD display?
    • Deutsch, English, French, German, Italian, Norwegian, Portuguese, Russian, Spanish
  8. If the phone fails during configuration (APS), how can I see a debug log to know what failed? -gaupe
    • There is an option to view the APS log on the web interface under Setup / APS Log
    • Syslog capability is not planned
  9. Can I prioritize traffic coming through "pc" port over phone traffic? -gaupe
    • This can be done by using the VLAN settings, which can set the VLAN number and priority.
    • See Admin Guide downloadable at

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