ST2030 SIP Features

Thomson ST2030

Working features (Generic SIP)

  • Transfer/Blind transfer/.. and other standard features work.
  • Local (phone) hold music or server hold music
  • Speed dial keys
  • MWI (Message waiting indication)
  • VoiceMail access
  • Personalization of the greeting message
  • BLF (Busy Lamp Field) indication. Known to work with Asterisk or later (Trixbox 1.2.3 or later) and SIP Firmware 1.50 or later
  • Asterisk presence (aka BLF)
  • Restarting phone after configuration change via Asterisk config sip_notify.conf

Features that work with Trixbox/Asterisk

  • Basic SIP calling
  • Hold/Transfer/Conference
  • Multiple line capability (put a user on hold, pick up another call or dial another call).
  • Feature codes (*xx codes)
  • Caller ID display Name+Number
  • BLF (Busy Lamp Field). Instructions to configure BLF
  • Intercom and Page now working with v1.54

Features that do not work with Trixbox/Asterisk (currently)

  • Remote Directory (supported by Phone, but nothing in Trixbox to create XML directory list or search feature)
  • Automatic Configuration (APS) support - Endpoint manager sees Thomson phone, but doesn't know how to generate TFTP files for it.
  • BLF Pickup - does not appear to be able to pick up ringing call on another phone extension

  • Direct dialer software (like OutCALL, HUDlite or Web Phonebooks) - the ST2030 isn't able to accept a standard Asterisk INVITE from any of these software and make it unusable with those phonebook tools
    • Direct dialer issue (aka "Click to Dial") is fixed in 1.59 which will is available now
      • There is a planned release date? This is the only function that we are wait for to adopt this phone...
        • Direct dialer works for me with all sw release (now i have 1.58). Put "asterisk" in service domain field instead of ip address of the asterisk server. francesco_r
      • New versions must pass extensive testing before they are released: thus the exact release date cannot be predicted.

Asterisk and ST2030 configuration tutorial here: Asterisk/ST2030

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