ST2030 Tips and Tricks

Thomson ST2030

Helpful hits on how to easier administer or use ST2030 phones

Reboot phone

Hold down the Directory, Speakerphone, and Redial keys for three seconds. The Directory key (looks like an open phonebook) is 2 keys to left of Speakerphone. The Redial key (triangles pointing upwards) is two keys to right of speakerphone.

Reset to factory default (SIP Only)

Restart the phone (unplug power or use reboot above). Quickly press and hold down the headset and mute keys (left and right of speakerphone) for at least 3 seconds at the start of the Thomson logo. When successful, display will show "Reset to Default!!!".

Shortcut to view IP address of phone (SIP Only)

Hold down the MENU key for three seconds. Display shows Firmware and Hardware revisions, IP and MAC addresses.

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