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Safecom phones

Note (May 2009): General consensus from the user community is that Safecom have 'given up' on these phones: there have been no new firmware releases for several years and Safecom's support forum shows little activity from the Company in response to questions/complaints/bugs. It is strongly suggested that these phones are not considered for new deployments.

Two main phones and one 'vapourware' product:

  • SDSIP-3000

A basic, single account, simple SIP phone. Easy to program. Has speakerphone but no MWI. Well styled and solid on a LAN but tends to lose connection regularly when linked to Asterisk/Trixvox via ADSL unless the very latest firmware is used.

"SafeCom SDSIP-3000 VoIP Phone fully complies with SIP RFC3261 protocol to support call modes of Proxy server and peer to peer. DDSN function provides another call mode. Built-in function of Outbound Proxy, STUN and uPnP enables VoIP traffic to traverse firewall and NAT. It assures the quality of conversation with several Codec standard, including G723.1, G729A and G729B. Using G.165, G.168 echo canceller with jitter buffer features good voice quality. Its easy to connect SDSIP-3000 to ITSP, ISP or Carrier Company via ADSL/Cable Modem to get the VoIP telephony service for residential or SOHO. For enterprise, it only connects to internal LAN network."

  • SDSIP-5000

A 'business' phone supporting 3 SIP accounts. Speakerphone and MWI. Good call quality but has difficulty re-registering if the VoIP server is restarted or there is a network glitch - phone tends to hang

"Safecom's SDSIP-5000 IP Phone is a cost competitive, feature-rich Ethernet LAN Phone providing voice/data convergence using state-of-the-art technology. The SDSIP-5000 seamlessly integrates with IP standard-based telephony systems using the SIP protocol stack. With features such as 3-way conference call, 2 concurrent calls, high quality voice and a 2 x 16 character LCD providing all the necessary information preceding a calling activity, users can experience the familiar operation of a hi-end legacy PSTN telephone. SDSIP-5000 also Supports Auto Batch Provision through HTTP and TFTP which can help you to auto configure many sets Simultaneously.

The Safecom's SDSIP-5000 IP-Phone is a fully featured Ethernet business phone that allows both business and residential customers to benefit from IP Telephony services. It reduces costs by receiving local and long distance voice services and data services over a single network connection.

The SDSIP-5000 IP-Phone is a fully-featured digital business phone that plugs directly into a customer's LAN and converts voice to IP right on the desktop, enabling voice and data traffic over a single wiring infrastructure on the spot and over a single packet (IP) connection back to the service provider's network."

  • SDSIP-4000 - Similar to the 3000 but with an FXO port for PSTN connectivity. This phone has been slated for release for nearly two years now but is still not available (April 2007)

General Comment: The Safecom SDSIP-3000 and 5000 phones are well built and call quality is good, but the firmware is buggy and the phones suffer from frequent, unexplained lock-ups. Recent firmware updates (Q3/Q4 2006) for the SDSIP-5000 introduced sound-related issues (whistles, clicks etc.) which do not seem to have been resolved. The SDSIP-3000 phone works well provided the latest (24b at the time of writing) firmware is installed. In summary, a good hardware build let down by poor firmware and poor support. Quite a few frustrated users on the support forums.

Another comment: There is a bug in the latest version of firmware 2.2.8 for the SDSIP-5000 (see to see the issue and for a good laugh at the incompetent support). There isn't any other firmware available (even older versions which don't have this problem). My advice - forget it! I tried reporting the problem myself and found their tech-support to be brain dead (and that was after I found somebody in their English support centre whose English I could understand). I would try a conference phone for VoIP systems from a reliable supplier.
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