SafiWorkshop - Visual Call Flow Editor and Server for Asterisk

About SafiWorkshop and SafiServer

SafiWorkshop is the first software offering for the Oregon based software company Safi Systems LLC.

SafiWorkshop is a visual logic flow designer that allows Asterisk administrators to quickly create and deploy powerful IVR, auto-attendants, and call routing applications by creating diagrams that reflect the desired function. These diagrams, or Saflets, can then be executed remotely on Safi Systems’ standalone server component: SafiServer.

SafiServer is the heart of the Safi Systems’ event driven infrastructure. SafiServer is built using a Service Oriented Architecture (or SOA) model and is based on Java™ Technology. By utilizing the FastAGI connection to a given Asterisk server; SafiServer is able to handle the call control logic outside the Asterisk environment, making possible many advanced features including the ability to control multiple Asterisk servers with a single SafiServer instance. Another major advantage to the SafiServer architecture is that call applications can be updated and deployed without impact to live call processing.

You can download both SafiServer and SafiWorkshop at:

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