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Victor Hoodicoff, POWERON Technology Services
March 2007

Did a production install in Oct, 2006. I had been testing for about 2 years with Digium cards making sure I could confidently stand behind any production installs I did. My Digium experiences were less than ideal and I actually had to turn down a couple projects. Not just because of Digium card issues but because of the current state of Asterisk/FreePBX at that time.

Along came Sangoma with their A200D card with hardware echo cancellation. During that time Asterisk/FreePBX had also come a long ways and I finally felt I had something I could stand behind. The production system has exceeded my wildest expectations. The client doesn't just like the system, they LOVE it. The way people love their Macs and Ipods. Voicemail to email, remote extensions, and call queues are an especially big hit with them. Now they don't know how they ever got on without it. They now refer to their old traditional phone system as a "piece of sh*t compared to this". Before it was, "I hope this will be as good as the old system".

I owe the lack of issues and high quality experience largely to the use of a Sangoma A200D card. Also thanks in no small part to Aastra phones, CentOS 4.4, FreePBX 2.1.3, and of course Asterisk 1.2.13. Having a good hardware foundation for your server is also essential IMHO.

The only time I had an issue was on a Friday before Christmas weekend. The Sangoma card stopped answering calls after 2months of flawless operation. Emailed Sangoma that night and the next day, Saturday morning 2 days before Christmas David emailed me back and explained that it was an issue only in Quebec and Ontario which their latest drivers at that time fixed. Have not had any problems since. Uptime is around 3months now without a reboot. I will only use Sangoma A200D cards for all my fxo installations from now on.

Detailed specifications and install guide
Case Study

Linux Technology Group - Jeff Iddings
Installation date: Summer of 2006

I was first made aware of Sangoma cards when a Digium TDM400P I purchased simply would not work with the motherboard I was using. I had two options, replace the very nice motherboard or find a different/better card. I ordered a single A200 and it put it in the same system that had problems with the Digium card. Things worked flawlessly, not even so much as a hiccup. I had a few questions at first about the installation process so I e-mailed Sangoma. David replied to my question the same day, which was a holiday! I was very impressed.

A few weeks after my A200 experience, I came across another issue with faxing over a Digium TE210P. Because I had a very good experience with the A200 and David assuring me via e-mail that they supported fax, I decided to give the A102 a try. At first, faxing didn't work, but this was simply because I neglected to put "faxdetect=both" in my zapata.conf — which simply disables echo cancelation when fax tones are detected. Again, I e-mailed David and he pointed me in the right direction within a few minutes of my first e-mail.

At another site, I was having many HDLC aborts on both of my PRI spans and dropped calls. I worked with the telco for many days, but they assured me the circuit was clean. Digium suggested many of the typical solutions, disable ACPI, HT, APM, and all other hardware.. ;) I tried all that and still had HDLC aborts. On a hunch, I purchased yet another A102. After installation at this site, I've had no errors and no dropped calls.

Long story short, I've only been using Sangoma for a short period of time, but they get my seal of approval. I think I'll start going with Sangoma first and avoid the problems up front.

Thanks Sangoma, thanks David!

Lanvik ICU
Installation date: August 2005
We had a fairly intricate project, integrating two incoming E1s, two outgoing E1s to an existing Avaya PABX, and 4 T1s going to some Rhino channel banks. We purchased four A104 cards (two for the main server, two for a hot-standby backup server) to connect all the different equipment together.

We initially used an older firmware and wanpipe driver version (beta7), which worked fine with the E1 connections. However, that version had some RBS issues which stopped it from working properly with the Rhinos. After much banging around, we finally got things up and running using the latest wanpipe drivers (beta13 as of 9/5/2005) and things are playing nice now. The Sangoma tech support team were very helpful in debugging our setup, although it was a pretty hairy ordeal since our client site didn't allow remote access into the Asterisk box, which made things that much harder to figure out.

Over the three weeks or so (lots of time lost due to time zone differences between Malaysia and Canada), Sangoma tech support — David Mandlestam and his team — were fantastic in their support and dedication to the problem at hand. Their sales team were also very supportive, and were helpful throughout the purchasing process — including some issues with shipping and customs. I have no hesitation in recommending them or their products, Sangoma rocks!

Ahmad Faiz
afaiz at NOSPAM lanvik dot icu dot com

February 9, 2006:
After exhausting the echo, gain and impedance settings on a Sipura SPA-3000, I installed a Digium TDM400P and went through every possible setting. Echo was proving to be untamable. The Digium card could suppress the echo, but double talk would cause horrible noise and the lack of comfort noise generation was confusing people. I almost had to refund a $5000 phone system over in-effecient echo cancelers on FXO ports. After installing the Sangoma A200d with hardware echo cancel, ALL sound problems are solved. No playing with audio gains, no tinkering with impedance, no running fxotune. Plug it in, install the drivers and it just plain works!

Thank you, Sangoma!

March 5, 2006
Christophe Long

Well, glad to hear that sangome used to answer questions, because the documentation is poor, out of date, and they don't answer ( me at least ). So don't purchased the A2xx cards with echo cancellation, no help, no support. The driver is looking for a device : /dev/wp1ec that is not created by sangoma, and nowhere I can find a reference to it. As sangoma delivers binaries for the echo cancellation system, no way to discover the major and the minor...

Not a good experience.

March 7, 2006

It looks like my emails has been caught by their anti spam system. After this issue solved, they have been prompt to answer. For those who are not using udev and need ( of course ) to create this device here is the info : mknod /dev/wp1ec c 242 1
First results are very good. Testing on a second system with lots of echos. Update to follow...

I have written an howto for those that have problems with this nice card.


With or without EC we are unable to receive reliably a fax over a A200 card... Beta4 and Beta5pre10f tested... Sad but as often I have received answers for a lot fo thing except for this problem...

Haven't had a chance to test Beta5pre10f (where can one find this?) but can confirm that latest drivers, Beta4, won't play nice with faxes on A200 or A104d cards. The A104d card isn't even suppose to receive the fax, only bridge the call to my fax server. But it doesn't work. Don't buy Sangoma if you need faxing. At least not until they fix the issue, but Sangoma can't even give a date when this will be resolved. The lack of information from Sangoma tells me the hardware is at fault and we may never see this fixed. - Geoff, Jul 11 2006 Note: see the comments below from Sangoma (July 20, 2006) and also consult this page:

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