Savoir-faire Linux

Company name: Savoir-faire Linux, Inc.
Company type: Private
Company slogan: "The world is yours"
Foundation: Montréal, Quebec, Canada, 1999
Location city: Montréal, QC, Québec, QC, Ottawa, ON
Key People: Cyrille Béraud (Président), Martial Bigras (VP Technologies), Dr. Alexandre Miège (Ottawa Offices Director)
industry: Open Source Technologies


Savoir-faire Linux is a provider of Linux consulting and information technology (IT) services to business and public enterprises. Based in Montréal, Savoir-faire Linux helps companies to benefit from Linux and all Open Source technologies.


Savoir-faire Linux is the center for Linux business integration. Our expertise and know-how make us the natural choice for open source.

Integrating Linux is easy when you use Savoir-faire Linux. Click here to get more information on our expertise.
Outsourcing. Rely on Savoir-faire Linux to manage your enterprise servers and beneficiate of great savings brought by Linux.

Use the great experience and know-how of Savoir-faire Linux to build your software.

Train yourselves to Linux with us in our training centers in Montreal, Quebec City. Ottawa/Gatineau and Rimouski or on site.

We offer technical support 24/7

Open Source Technologies

To enable you to build your own information system so meeting your specific needs, requirements, business processes and market.

Our solutions are based on open source technologies and projects from diverse fields.

  • Enterprise resource planning (ERP) with Compiere ;
  • Sales and marketing with SugarCRM and/or Compiere ;
  • Document management with Alfresco, Life Ray and Knowledge Tree ;
  • Business intelligence with Pentaho ;
  • Project management with DotProject ;
  • Collaboration platform with Open-Xchange, Scalix or Zimbra ;
  • Human resources management with OrangeHRM ;
  • IT and Telco management with Asterisk, Net Director and Zabbix.

Offices location

In Montreal In Québec In Ottawa
7275 Saint Urbain ,Bureau 306 275, rue du Parvis, Bureau 310 151, rue Slater, Bureau 504
Montréal (Québec) H2R 2Y5 Québec (Québec) G1K 6G7 Ottawa, ON, K1P 5H3
Tél. (514) 276-5468 Tél / Fax : (418) 525-7354 Tél / Fax : 613-688-8081

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