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ScopServ Inc. is an Information Technology company that provides to small and medium businesses global communication solutions and services. We also specialize in multifunction server conception and open source software.

In order to simplify the Asterisk system management, we have built this web based management interface which can be accessed by any browser (Firefox, Internet Explorer, Opera, ...).

The administration tool offers you speed and ease when managing your IP PBX. That speed and ease is part of the incredible ROI (Return On Investment) you will get by using our interface.

ScopServ-VoIP is available in SMB, Professional and ITSP Edition.

Complete solutions available for Small business, Hosted PBX and Call Center.

Complete Web GUI for Asterisk PBX (100% Compatible with Asterisk 1.4, 1.6, 1.8, 10 and 11)

(For full list, click here ScopServ Features)

Latest Version are 2.7.2 :: Please consult ScopServ Changelog Wiki page for releases notes;

ScopServ Telephony Server is available in multiple editions.


  • Available in 1U and 3U server (see website)


  • Web Based GUI for Configuration and Management of Asterisk PBX
  • Interface for manage all Asterisk configurations (Users, Extensions, Interfaces, ...)
  • Allow to have Multiple Administrator (with access/permissions control)
  • End-users interface to set personal settings (Call Forward, Follow-Me, Personal IVR), manage Voicemail and reports.
  • Off Site Notification for Voicemail (Email, Pager and Phone)
  • Manage multiple companies on a single system with our easy Multi-Tenants manager.
  • Ability to enhance functions using Custom Script (AEL)
  • Automatic Outgoing Lines fallback based on availability and QoS (VoIP Account)
  • Support incoming lines rules based on CallerID (Phone, Area Code, Pattern, ...)
  • Virtual Fax / SpanDSP and Email-to-Fax Gateway with Email Notification/Confirmation
  • Allow to create and manage DUNDi peers/mappings
  • Emergency Calls (911/112/...) and Notification
  • Incoming and Outgoing Call Screening
  • CampOn per Extension
  • Callback/DISA (Call Bridge) features in Incoming Lines
  • Password (PIN) protected outgoing lines and applications
    • Ability to cache password and set expiration time
  • Dynamic Queue support (chan_agent removal)
  • Pre-recorded announcement Paging support


  • Configure Analog and Digital Interfaces
    • Auto Detection module for Sangoma and Digium cards.
    • DAHDI (TDM, T1/E1/J1)
    • Unicall (MFC/R2)
    • ZapHFC (BRI)
    • CAPI (BRI)

  • Support SIP, IAX2, MGCP, SCCP (Skinny) and H323 phones and lines.
  • NPA-NXX calling plan (North American Numbering Plan Area)


  • Multi-lingual system (complete i18n sytems with support for RTL) (see for current status)
    • English, French, Spanish, Deutsh, Italiano, Nederlands
    • Russian, Ukrainian, Byelorussian, Bulgarian, Czech
    • Chinese (Simplified), Chinese (Traditional), Japanese, Korean,
    • Lietuviu, Magyar, Persian, Polski, Slovak, Slovenian, Suomi, Svenska and Turkce

Phones Provisioning

  • Complete TFTP Auto-Approvisioning (SIP Phones)
  • Automatic Network Discovery (Scan) to detect new device on your network
  • Allow to create multiple templates for each phone types
    • Aastra 480i/9112i/9133i/57i and 560M console
    • Cisco 7905/7912/7940/7960
    • Polycom IP300/430/500/600
    • Sipura SPA-841/941/1000/2000
    • Snom 300/320/360/370
    • Uniden UIP200

    • WIP-5000 (Wireless)


  • Calls Reporting
    • Complete reports for CDR and ACD
    • Graphics (Bar and Pie Chart)
    • Export tools
    • Realtime Engine (AJAX)
      • Server and Network (Graph)
      • Queues and Agents


  • Rate Engine
    • Unlimited Routes
    • Pricelist and Currencies Converter
    • Rate Schedule (Time based)
    • Batch or Realtime Engine
    • Send Email reports (Daily, Weekly or Monthly)

Server Management

    • Manage License
    • Backup System
      • Local and Remote Backup (Email/FTP)
      • Scheduler
    • Auto Update
    • Date and Time Server
    • Certificate Manager

Network Management

    • Configure Network Interfaces (LAN/WAN)
    • Manage DHCP leases (static and dynamic)
    • Firewall Rules
    • Traffic Management (Shaper) tools
      • Manage inbound and outbound bandwidth
      • QoS
      • DiffServ
    • VPN Server and Clients (PPTP)
    • Radius Server (FreeRadius) GUI
    • Complete DNS Manager (Bind 9)
      • Support all DNS records (A, AAAA, PTR, MX, SRV, ...)
      • Multiple Views and Access Control List (ACL)
      • Zones (Master, Slave, Forward) and DNS Keys.

Administration and Debugging

  • Monitoring Zap Channels, IAX/SIP Extensions and VoIP Accounts
    • Send alarm by Email and/or SNMP Traps (v1/v2c)

  • Debugging tools
    • Asterisk Manager CLI command interface
    • Log viewers
    • Live Network Capture and Analyzer

  • Certificate Manager (SSL)

  • File Manager
    • Manage Asterisk configuration files, sounds and TFTP files.
    • Upload, rename, delete files

  • XMLRPC/SOAP interface for Asterisk Manager and external control of ScopServ GUI
  • and more.....

Organizing (End Users)

  • Webmail (IMAP, IMAP w/ TLS, POP3, etc)
  • Address Book / Contact Management program.
  • Calendar application with integrated collaboration/scheduling features.
  • Note manager allowing workgroups to have a common notepad as well as private notes for individuals.
  • Multiuser task list manager..
  • Bookmarks Manager, allowing you to store your bookmarks in one place.
  • News (RSS) displaying systems
  • Goops, a powerfull meta search engine.
  • Time Tracking application.

Prerequisites (Software Edition)

Please note that when you install our software using YUM (see ScopServ Installation), all pre-requisites will be autolatically installed.

  • Red Hat based distributions: Work on Red Hat Enterprise Linux (RHEL) and clone (Fedora, Centos, White Box Linux, Lineox)
  • Apache 2.0 or later (with PHP support)
  • PHP 4.3.0 / 5.x or above
    • Gettext is required for translation.
    • If you want graphic report, you will need GD
  • mySQL 3.23 / 4.x or above
  • Asterisk v1.0, Asterisk v1.2 or SVN
  • ImageMagick and libtiff for Fax to Email (PDF)


ScopServ-VoIP is available in SMB, Professional and ITSP Edition. Contact sales department if you want more information on pricing and on our Reseller/Distributor programs. Contact: or call +1 (514) 448 1559.

IPTelesys (Pty) Ltd

IP Telesys is the sole distributor in Africa for global IP-PBX innovator ScopServ, a pioneer of IP-based, soft-switch voice, virtual conferencing, contact centre integrated voice recognition technologies.
For over seven years, IP Telesys has shown healthy growth in the local market, as a testimony to the drive of committed people working with a world-class product offerings.

We have an unshakable belief that business success is fundamentally about people and relationships, and this, when mixed with agility, business understanding and innovation creates sustainable customer value.

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