ScopServ Installation

ScopServ Telephony Server :: Complete Web Management GUI for Asterisk PBX

How to install ScopServ in CentOS or Fedora Core

Quick Install

If you are using CentOS 4.x, you can type theses commands to do a full ScopServ installation (including Asterisk, Zaptel, Wanpipe, etc).

wget -O /etc/yum.repos.d/scopserv.repo
yum install scopserv

Repository (APT / YUM)

You can install all packages using APT / YUM. APT and YUM are both advanced package management utility for RPM based distribution which allows you to easily perform package installation, upgrading and removal of RPM packages.

The ScopServ repository just holds the packages we need to run ScopServ. In order to use this repository, you must first install the APT-RPM or YUM package on your system.

Next, edit /etc/apt/sources.list or /etc/yum/conf and add the following lines:



rpm rpm scopserv addons asterisk



You can also download the file with "wget"

name=ScopServ - Packages

name=ScopServ - Addons

name=ScopServ - Asterisk and Zaptel

Run apt-get or yum to update repository data.

The following packages are mandatory:

scopserv-core (Core)
scopserv-framework (Framework)
scopserv-telephony (Telephony Module)
scopserv-telephony-sounds (Telephony Sounds)

Extra packages:

scopserv-telephony-extra (Flash Operator Panel, GSM/WAV Tools)
scopserv-organizer (Calendar, Address Book, Bookmarks, ...)

Asterisk packages:


For any help or information regarding installation please feel free to contact IPTelesys:

IPTelesys (Pty) Ltd

IP Telesys is the sole distributor in Africa for global IP-PBX innovator ScopServ, a pioneer of IP-based, soft-switch voice, virtual conferencing, contact centre integrated voice recognition technologies.
For over seven years, IP Telesys has shown healthy growth in the local market, as a testimony to the drive of committed people working with a world-class product offerings.

We have an unshakable belief that business success is fundamentally about people and relationships, and this, when mixed with agility, business understanding and innovation creates sustainable customer value.

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