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ScopServ Telephony Server :: Complete Web Management GUI for Asterisk PBX

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What awaits you in the next versions

  • New Operator Panel (PHP and AJAX web based)

  • Import existing Asterisk configurations

  • Import/Export Configuration Tools
    • Template Generator (100% user control of input/output format)
    • Supported Format: CSV, XML, Serialized (PHP and JSON) and XLS.

  • Virtual Fax enhancement
    • Allow to send incoming faxes to printer (local/network)
    • Web GUI for create/view/forward faxes
    • Ability to send outgoing faxes directly workstation (Print)

  • Billing Tools
    • Rate Engine (done)
    • Calling Card
    • Post/pre-billing
    • External billing system (plugins)

  • Predictive Dialer

  • Outlook Dialer

  • Emergency Calls (E911)
    • Gateways to VeriSign's LIDB and CNAM databases
      • Line Information Database (LIDB)
      • Calling Name (CNAM)

  • Manage multiple servers from the same GUI.
  • Asterisk Extension Language (AEL)
  • Asterisk Realtime Architecture (ARA)

  • Complete installation CD (Based on CentOS 4) for fast deployment/installation

  • Click-to-Talk
    • Talk by Telephone (Callback)
    • Talk by Computer

What awaits you in the others modules new versions

Here is a list of upcoming modules that will be soon available for the ScopServ Web GUI platform.

  • Mail Server
    • Configure Antivirus (ClamAV/uvscan/...) and Antispam (SpamAssassin, RBL, etc)
    • Enable/disable POP3/POP3S/IMAP/IMAPS services
    • Realtime reports

  • DNS Server
    • Configure DNS general options and manage unlimited DNS zones (master/slave)

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