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Indosoft Inc., a premier call center software provider, delivers an extremely powerful agent customer interaction Script building tool within Q-Suite, its feature rich, enterprise grade, scalable call center software for Asterisk. Q-Suite is a multi-tenant software with a powerful Call Center ACD for Asterisk telephony. Q-Suite provides features like skills based routing, Queue prioritization, self-pacing predictive dialer and a host of advanced features that allow you to use Asterisk and setup an Inbound, Outbound or Blended contact center platform to out competes the best in business. Regardless of the type of service you offer, you will require a robust, easy to manage yet incredibly powerful Script Builder Tool to provide clear, well laid out processes that manage the agent’s interaction with each caller into your call center. Q-Suite Script Builder Tool is a unique What You See Is What You Get (WYSIWYG) editor with an all in one Graphical User Interface (GUI) with drag and drop functionality that enables you to quickly and easily develop powerful custom scripts that support dynamic customer interactions for your inbound services and outbound campaigns. A set of powerful script components within Q-Suite’s Script Builder, including the ability to embed a web-enabled CRM or other custom applications capable of receiving command line parameters, provide you with the ability to build versatile, flexible scripts that fully integrate with external applications.

This page focuses on the details of Q-Suite’s Script Builder and its features and functions, which have been designed specifically for call centers utilizing Asterisk. For a general overview of Q-Suite as a complete call center software, please see the main Indosoft page on this wiki, or view our website at

Key Script Builder Features

• Textboxes with Embedded Variables• Static Web Pages
• Embedded Help-Desk for Inbound• Hyperlinks
• POST URL• Conditional Display
• Call List Fields• Rebuttals
• Custom Variables• Transfers (Blind, Conference & Consultative)
• Parent-Child Lists• Custom Dispositions
• Postal/Zip Codes• Integration to CRMs & Custom Web Application Capable of Accepting Command Line Parameters
• Data Inline• Web Browser Agent Interface
• External URL with Command Line Parameters• CTI for Asterisk
• URL in I-Frame or Separate Window (Web-Enabled CRM Embedding)• Drag and Drop Administrative GUI
• Built-in Call Recording• WYSIWYG Editor

For more information, read our White Papers or visit our website at

Powerful Components For Powerful Scripts

A Script Builder’s primary goal is to optimize how agents interact with the customer, which can be incredibly different from campaign to campaign. Therefore, to help you maximize your business opportunities, Q-Suite Script Builder provides the flexibility and power to deliver versatile scripts to your floor.

Powerful Components within Q-Suite’s Script Builder are used to build the script, as well as create custom fields used within the script. The following is a simple matrix outlining the main components available within Q-Suite, as well as a description of their function.

Q-Suite Script Builder Components
Component Function
Textboxes with Embedded VariablesCreates blocks of text that can display custom variables as data inline from a database.
Campaign AssociationUsed for inbound services, a Campaign Association is a tool available for inserting a help-desk tool that allows agents to look up call history, records and notes on the caller.
POST URLThis tool allows an agent to upload information to a website or an application that is able to receive it. The Post URL component posts the information after a call is terminated.
Call List FieldsCall List Fields contain data inline from a database, which can be edited by the agent. These are commonly used to allow agents to verify or modify existing customer data, such as an address, telephone number, email address, etc.
Custom VariablesCreate, display and store values in custom variables like TEXT, NUMBER, LOV (List of Values), Checkboxes, etc. Custom values can be retrieved from a database or collected during the call and posted to a database at the end of a call.
Parent-Child ListsParent-Child lists can be created as a custom field.
Postal/Zip CodesA field specially formatted for postal/zip code inputs, which can then be posted to a database.
Data InlineData Inline allows you to insert a custom field or a call list field into an agent’s script questions or text. The data is pulled from a database.
External URL with Command Line ParametersUsing this, you can link to a website through a clickable link with embedded parameters.
URL within an I-frame or on a Separate Window (CRM Integration)You can integrate web applications and CRMs capable of accepting command line parameters. Within a script, the CRM Web application can be displayed through an I-frame or through a new window.
Call RecordingQ-Suite provides built-in call recording and QA functions with controls available to the Script Builder. Call Recording triggers can be inserted into the script to start/stop at specific points in the script. Alternatively, buttons allowing agents to start/stop call recording can be added to the script.
HyperlinksHyperlinks are used for a variety of purposes including jumping to another page of the script, terminating a call, play music, or input a response to a custom field.
End ScriptThere are various options for controlling how agents finish the script.

Conditional Display

Conditions within the script control whether a script component will be visible or hidden on the agent’s screen depending on the answer to any variable. Every component of Q-Suite can have conditions attached to it. Conditions can be used to branch to script pages based upon a received customer response, as well as ensure quality control. They are not only useful for creating highly interactive scripts that work for nearly every situation, they allow agents to be clearly presented with what they should say and what reaction should be used in response to nearly any answer.


Rebuttals are phrases or responses for common questions or statements from the customer. An agent simply hovers the mouse cursor over the statement and the preferred rebuttal is displayed.


Transfer buttons can be inserted into the script to enable Blind, Consultative or Conference transfers. These buttons enable agent options to be consolidated into their script screen.

Custom Dispositions

Dispositions add a termination button to the script. Custom dispositions can be quickly and easily added to each script page and enable the agent to wrap up each call with a single click. Otherwise, Q-Suite will use the Default Terminations assigned to the campaign to disposition a call.

Agent Interfaces: Web Browser or CTI

The Script Builder is a tool for developing powerful scripts for agents utilizing a web browser for their interface. Various components listed above ensure full integration with external applications, such as a web-enabled CRM, and enable your call centers to follow well laid out processes for managing customer interactions.

If you or your client has an evolved business application and you require all the call center features to be embedded into it, then Q-Suite’s advanced Computer Telephony Integration (CTI) for Asterisk delivers what you need. Full session management and telephony session control is enabled through an advanced set of API, while an XML API ensures full database integration so your custom reporting application can be utilized in junction with essential call center reporting, like agent performance, queue performance and overall call center performance. API libraries include socket and .NET APIs.

Summary of Benefits

Agents rely upon well-developed scripts to help them manage customer interactions and provide consistent, high quality service. Their ability to provide real-time responses and rapid resolutions are dependent upon the flexibility of their script to address a wide range of potential questions or customer needs. Q-Suite Script Builder is unique in that it offers remarkable script building options within an incredibly easy to use GUI with drag and drop functionality to build custom scripts that are truly dynamic. Full integration with web-enabled CRMs or other custom applications capable of receiving command line parameters permits easy integration to other software in the back-end for processing.

Due to its utilization of Asterisk as its underlying telephony platform, Q-Suite delivers benefits inherent to its infrastructure; benefits unachievable from other popular call center software solutions. Stable remote agent support, distributed architecture, utilizing multiple trunks, and seamless integration of VoIP and SIP are just a few benefits inherent to Asterisk and Q-Suite. This unique combination of powerful software and telecommunications technology positions Q-Suite to meet the most demanding of call center requirements.

For more information, read our White Papers or visit our website at

Also, have a look at the main Indosoft page on this wiki for a detailed look at Q-Suite as a complete call center software for Asterisk.

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